Interpret my dream please

Here’s a dream I had that was lucid before I had a major dry spell that stopped lucidity for a long time

I was outside my house in the backyard I had just morphed the house I was at into a perfect replica of my house as I was outside i was creating small creatures that were very cute. Then I heard a large thud inside. I rolled my eyes slightly not a lot because I have a trick in which you roll your eyes back as far as possible to escape a dream gone wrong. As I walked in I saw a monster that looked like those monsters out of the scooby doo movie where scrappy gets his revenge except it was shorter, had less pointy ears, had a lot more muscle, was wearing a red T-shirt that was bubbling, jeans and blond flat top haircut and he was torturing my parents in the kitchen. i being fully lucid sent out 4 blue chains from my hands to restrain him because I did not want to destroy him. Because every memorie I had of him would recreate him. So I sent them out he destroyed them by touching them with his fingers. As he turned around he had a huge smile on his face. I prepared for a quick order to control. So I simply said to him concentrating very hard “You will yield and surrender to my might for I am your creator and you shall obey” I waited and nothing. He then siad in gibberish which I understood as “Are you ready to die?” My eyebrows raised that usually worked. So I tried destroying him with natural forces. I mad lightning rain down on that spot comets from the sky to pumble that spot lave from volcanoes to erupt to that spot and as I called these natural forces to work. A cloud of dust erupted from the spot and there he stood with a black spot under him. And I noticed something as he moved so did the spot. It was as if he needed to tempararily destroy these things to live in my dream. As the dust cleared he shot 6 spiky balls etending like arms from his bubbling chest. They hit me full on. I tried to call a defense to my aid but nothing happened. I was thrown to the ground and I knew I would have to defeat him later. But he shook his finger as the balls retracted to his chest. " Ah Ah Ah your not getting away that easily" And suddenly I couldn’t move my vision from him. I got angry at this. So I sent more and more power at him, still nothing. So I began to say things like you have no control, this is my dream begon, or die you filthy vermin of my mind. And as I said this he just kept throwing balls at me. He said I couldn’t leave now he was going to kill me. And as the shock settled in that my powers were gone my powers of control I tried to bring them back. But it just weakened me more. And as He was about to strike the final blow he said "Now I am the master of your dreams don’t ever come back. I sort of had the expression of :cry: . Then I tried once more to escape and I succeeded. I woke up sweating. I realeased a large sigh but did not try to sleep again for I was captivated by fear.

Now can anyone help with that dream. There are seriously no exageration of the dream so please :help: help

Hi Tygon, first of all, welcome to LD4all! :welcome:

My first thought is that you have encounter a type of hostile DC, and I name those “semi-warriors” myself, but others may have other names for them. I have encountered DC’s like that one time, I was fully lucid and they wanted to shoot me. I let them (since I was dreaming after all, what could happen?) And they blasted me with some kind of energy gun, straight out of my LD, and into a ND. Very strange.
It also seems that your own anger energy and trying to control him somehow “fed” him.

Did you have lucid dreams after this one? You say it took a long time before you had a LD again? How long? And afterwards, how were your dreampowers?

By the way I like your method you describe for waking up, by rolling your eyes backwards as far as possible. I hadn’t heard of this one yet :smile:

Hi pasQuale
Well to answer your questions
Yes I had Lucid dreams after but not for a long time
It took me a few years up until a point of a few months ago to have constant lucid dreams like I did back then
But my dream powers are nothing like they used to be :cry: Now all I can do is run fast and hover a feet off the ground. I’m not sure but in recent dreams I may have teleported lucidly

And just something else to add in I had a lucid dream like once every few months or so during that time period of years of no lucidity. It was if the hostile character was taking over some dreaming stuff because I started to have out of body experiences and I didn’t even mean to do it, it was like flash there I was, I think nobody has answered my post about it i’ll give you a link to show you what I mean.

Out of body experiences

Sorry I’m just getting to it now didn’t realize anyone posted in my topic

And I have a question to you if you have a hostile DC how do you control it if its just a figment of our imagination come to life in a part of our mind that we can fully control?

by the way thanks for the compliment on my method feel free to use it if you ever run into a hostile dream like mine again

Well, first of all, Q has pointed to a very important thing, about the DC being fed of your anger energy. That is probably correct as that energy implies that you are not responsible, that he is in control and you are in his mercy. If this happens again, dont panic. Stay cool, laugh at him. If he threatens to do something, remember you cannot be harmed and laugh at him. Tell yourself: I am in control, this creature is nothing but an aspect of myself. and feel the joy that this power brings you. Maybe summon onions to throw at him or something.. Anything that reminds you that danger does not exist there. I personally prefer sending love to any of these creatures at all times, as they are, as I said, aspects of myself.. Ill explain more later ^^ Another good idea will be to just think to yourself: "is he joking?" and just continue the dream as if it was nothing at all, an annoying person shouting in the park. Just continue with your own dream affairs as though nothing happened. About the meaning of the dream.. Often these kind of beings represent, fears, emotions, addictions, situations, thing in your life that you dont enjoy and for some reason, you have lost some degree of control over them. Your SC is trying to tell you something.
Dreams are very complex and that is why you know best what it means, try asking yourself, how did I Feel? why did my SC made me feel this way? What makes me feel this way IRL? things like that…
obvious situations of something a dream like this can indicate is a drug addiction, unhealthy relationships that you “can`t” seem to leave or maybe fears of getting hurt choosing you to lead a loveless life… The options are endless and only you know. Find the thing in your life that makes you feel like that monster does, and know that your SC is telling you, stop it! This is doing you bad!
And as your SC is much much wiser than the conscious mind (completely different level), Id recommend you to act on his behavior.
Your experiences in the OBE topic are interesting, they are probably some kind of out of body experience. It is possible that they are made by yourself (dreams), I cant tell. OBEs generally feel just as real as reality. As if you lie in bed and whether you float outside of your body or go completely elsewhere, it feels like you are in the same state and clarity of mind, only you switched realities. It´ll become a lot clearer to you and to me (Ill be able to know more) once these experiences evolve more than just vibrations and seeing things, next time, try to go where they take you (if you are interested in that of course…)

Oh and Q
congratz on the new pic :smile:
Im gonna miss the cat tho :content:

Thanks you two you really cleared in up for me. And I got good news my lucid powers are coming back :smile: yay!!! Last night I realized I was lucid because of the mirror in the bathroom moving and so I got happy but calmed down so I could stay. Then a wierd girl in one of those green skin masks came in and I tried taking the mask off telepathicly and I did! Then I used it to write my name in gangster writing on the mirror. It kind of cam out in gibberish though I could tell what it meant. And then I went into a different room and created a min paper mario person in my room! And it worked! That was the happiest dream of my life but then I woke up. And about OBE I’m scared to do it because I’m afraid like what happened to that guy in twilight who had his body stolen by someone else in a phase that was eerily simmilar to OBE got his body stolen and then he was stuck forever and this happened in Eclipse if you want to check it out. And the only reason I didn’t laugh was because I couldn’t control him that scared me!!!

Im happy to hear things are working out for you ! :smile:

I dont think there is any reason to be afraid of OBEs as when your consciousness is out of body (during OBE), there is still a part of it in your physical body, so that makes it very unlikely for things like that to happen.
If you are scared though you probably shouldn´t do it, cause your fears will immediately cause you to have dreadful experiences.

Thats why I’m not doing it until I have come up with a final descsision and I don’t want anyone to influence me about it. And once I started to compare my experiences to real experiences I got really scared! And had a few dreadful experiences :sad:

a desire to control and dominate rather than communicate and love creates monsters inside of angels