Out Of Body Experience questions

Out of Body experience’s are intresting but i had a question about a dream I had when I was feeling like some of the astral projectors say and it was a complete accident

I was sitting in my bed dreaming away and suddenly I’m back in my bed but I’m still dreaming I know I am I just know I’m not awake. So I’m just sitting there and I here a noise coming from the kitchen and I here voices but their not normal their ghostly. Then I have an insane vibration feeling going through me and a higpitched humming. It’s as if I’m being shaken out of my body. Some instances where this has happened because it happens quite frequently. It’s as if I’m hovering above my body. Like one time I was sleeping and it happened and I saw someone who sort of reminded me of my grandpa walking towards me I was siting there but I felt outside of my normal body feel like my upper half was out and my lower was in. And I felt I knew he was going to pull me out of my body. And then I managed to get back to it I guess if these are Out of body experiences. And another time I was sitting there and The same thing happened except this time it was a beautiful Native American Girl dressed in modern clothing and she got to my arm and started getting near my blood veins and pulling I wanted to know if these are out of body experiences?[/list]

Hey Tygon90, I’m new here, but I’ve been LDing and OBEing for years. It sounds to me like you are at the beginning stage of OBE. It sounds as if you went from a dream to a partial awakening that left you with a form of sleep paralysis. The vibrations is your transition to a higher awareness. You are going astral via OBE, but since you only partially awoke from the dream state, your consciousness was not fully activated as it is in a fully awakened state. Kind of like your in between altered states.

But other than that, it sounds exactly like an OBE.

Hmmm I just wonder what to do to go fulyl wake and go into an OBE

yeah. i had Obe feelings in my dreams in Sept, Oct. but not anymore. nothing

I don’t think you really can. Meditation is one way, but for most people it takes years of practice to get into that deep of trance state from meditation.

But after that, OBE’s become so much easier every time you do it. I managed to crunch the meditation time from 2 hours to 20 minutes, and I believe that if I’d kept in practice then the OBE would have come faster than that. A couple of people I know (and trust) say that after practicing like this they began having OBE’s while fully awake without trying.

That’s awesome. That is the ultimate goal is to get to these altered states while fully awake and at will. I get my OBE’s from either really light naps, or mornings after waking up and meditating on it. But I much rather prefer Higher State LDing to OBE. OBE’s get pretty boring. I meditate in LD to get into deeper consciousness states that are amazing.

YES!!! I had an OBE last night!!! Here’s what happened.

I woke up into the fammiliar vibrations and shaking. But this time there were no voices. So I thought I must be fully awake :smile: . Then I figured might as welll try Astral Projecting. So I litterally sat up straight out of my body and realized I was floating above it. Then I got creeped out and went back in and as soon as I was in I went into a ND.

But what you guys don’t realize is that these dreams come naturally to me. I’ll just be sitting there dreaming and whoosh I’m in a SP and I’m OBEing[/spoiler]