I had an…interesting… dream last night. I was in my literature classroom at night, with my class mates. Well there was a black door that couldn’t be shut, that led to the dark, cold, night. I tried to shut it but I couldn’t. Well in the classroom I walked around, and there were loud noises. Nobody knew the source. Then I hugged the girl I have a crush on :shy: … and then went back to my desk. Nothing occured after that. Then I woke up.

Classroom and class mates implies school, education, learning and possibly maturing… although if you’re still in school it could just be in your head because you spend a lot of time there.

The black door leading to the cold, dark, night sounds like me to fear of the unknown, but it could also be about being alone? Trying to shut the door is essentially trying to escape/avoid the object of fear, but it’s not going to happen.

Loud noises… I don’t know… reminds me of things that “go bump in the night”, but that’s what springs to mind for me. Hugging the girl you like seems pretty clear to me. :wink:

If you put it all together it’s about learning and maturing and moving forward? There is fear that things will go badly, possibly that you’ll end up alone, so you’re tempted to avoid it all together. But your desire (and likely the focus of the dreams drive for development) centers around the girl and the possible rewards of being brave.

That’s my interpretation anyway. :razz:

Thanks again Tomothy! :smile: