Intimate Relationship with old friend

I have been married for five years. I dated my husband for ten years before I married him. A male friend from high school and I went to college together before I got married. We were always close in high school and grew closer in college. Even though nothing ever happened physically between us, I can’t help but feel like there was something there. I recently celebrated my 10 year class reunion and it brought out very deeply buried feelings from my past with this friend. Since then I have had two dreams that I have been in an intimate relationship with him. The first dream was purly physical. The second dream definitely had emtional content as well. In the second dream I was no longer married and staying at my parents house. This friend showed up to stay. When I asked him were he was staying he smiled at me and very gently whispered in my ear, “With you.” I can remember feeling elated. It was definitely obvious that we were in love with one another.
I miss him deeply, but he and I are both married with families and living 100 miles apart. He may not even have the same feelings that I am having. We have not seen each other in over 5 years. What do I do?

I would just enjoy the dreams for what they are … a romantic escape from day to day life. Remember to value what you actually do have :yay:

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ya i second what moogle said dont go looking for what could have been just indulge in what is and youll find it alot more nice then thinking sad thoughts.

While it’s good to have your feelings, you can’t base your decisions on them. Use your reason. You do love your husband.

Dreams have this funny characteristic of surprising us sometimes. Heck, I once had a crazy dream where I had to fetch a condom somewhere on a weird city to uh… “meet” a friend of mine. And I never thought about her in any other way than friendship.

Your dreams probably just dug out the memories to bug you.

As moogle said, value what you have :happy:

Theres also a symbolic thing about it, which you may want to consider.
Im only guessing so its more of a hint than anything.
Might be that those dreams reflect particular state of your mind- you been married for some time and there was some occasions to recall times when you had not so many responsibilities or chores.
He might be representing all things that you “miss”, like youth,crushes,flings- things closed in a way.
Of course you will be not running after the guy whos doing who knows what now,but you might be subcounciously looking for him- this brings a risks of betrayal or finding yourself in situations that will provoke such.
In other words- your mind might be telling you to be more aware of your feelings about the present and pointing to strenghten bounds with your husband(or else but i assume you care for your family the most).
Take care:)