Hello all!

I’m a 26 yr old in CT, USA… I’ve had 3 spontaneous LD’s years ago, and have been studying, practicing trying to get them going now for the last 7 months. Not much success so far, but I’m keeping it up with the RC’s, MILD, and NovaDreamer. Definitely look forward to talking to all of you!!

*** I noticed I may have posted this accidentally in the wrong place… if so, can a Mod move it to the Intros thread?? Thanks! ***


Well hello Sruthan! :content: Welcome to the LD4ALL forum!!

Nice to have u as a member! Looks u r very motivated to start up again…thats great! Keep doing what u r doing and be patient…it will happen again(u getting lucid). I wish u goo luck :wiske:

Hi, welcome to ld4all forum! :alien: Anyways, you WILL succeed in LDing. Just be patient and it will come to you. I wish you the best journey.

Lieve Dromen (Sweet dream!)