Invisible Sky Barrier

Last night was truly remarkable for my LD world. I was Lucid for a very long time & was able to experiment a lot.

Something really strange happened, though. I always have some trouble with flying control & was practicing little bursts.
At one point I tried to fly as high as I could (usual drill), but ran into a hard, invisible ceiling in the sky. I felt around it and was able to mold a hand-hold/cove in it - just enough to hang onto for awhile.

I’ve never had anything like this & wondered it anyone else has experienced anything of the sort. :flower:

I’ve had all sorts of bizarre things happen when flying in lucid dreams, but I have never reached the ‘top’ of the sky. I suppose it’s a sort of mental block. I like the bit where you moulded it to hang on to :content: .

My limiting factor was lack of willpower to fly higher. Try to overcome the barrier by imagining the hand-hold as part of a door that would swing open after you hold on to it.

I’ve hit a door while trying to go outside, but I ‘thought’ to have flown through it and I really did. It’s funny but I split into two bodies when that happened and my awareness was with the one that passed through, and I never did go outside…hmmm…
Robert Monroe had recurrent dreams in which he kept runnnig into telephone/electrical wires as he tried flying his plane…but I won’t get into that now.

I’ll be eager to hear what lies beyond ‘the Ceiling’, and where you get with your ‘usual drill’.

Great idea, Pilot :smile: I suppose I always look at the sky as this vast overwhelming place - if I just make an alternate universe beyond it, I could start from scratch (new ground level). I hope it works! :flower: