InvisionPower, or PHPBB?

I am making a new Lucid Dreaming forum. Do people prefere InvisionPower ( ) or PHPBB (Like this forum).

Which one do dialup users like best?


I prefer phpBB:

  • It is properly free
  • The default theme looks nicer to me :eh:
  • The default smileys are smaller and :smile: fit well on a line of text, unlike the above line where the smiley is from Invision.
  • The stars below people’s names are more flexible; you can make them change colours and stuff! :wink:

PHPBB it is!

as a dialup user and a forum owner i prefer invision, It loads quicker from me and is much easier in an admin capacity to add modifications to it.

You can do that with invision. On my forum i am designing some flashing pips instead of stars.

In all honesty though i don’t think either board is better than the other anymore. Version 2 on invision has pretty much everything PHPbb has, i really wouldn’t pick one over the other.

It’s much easier to add mods and do admin work IMO.

But IF invision does end up paid then i will either be very naughty :wink: or i will switch to Vbulliten it’s got better security features than both (and i know a guy who does scipting work with vbulliten so i can get my own mods no other forum has hehe)

Ah well… There are mods and ways to speed up PHPBB, yet IBP is still faster. I have chosen PHPBB simply because there are tons of mods and a mod installer (Still beta, but quite good!). Also there are loads more PHPBB database contecting mods than IBP!

Apparently v2 will be different so it might not be as easy to mod.

And why is mr reaper talking like he was Q? hmm. One of lifes mysteries hehe

Actually Mr.Avatar Raper is really technodreamer :content:

So he talks like Technodreamer, but being technodreamer he stupidly posted under the avatar reaper!

Actually version two is out, and ld4all uses version 2. IMO, it’s easier to mod, because all the mods are more compatible with it. They may add wrapper sections to it hopefully.

There’s something in PHPBB that just stands out from IPB. IPB is just so typical, where as PHPBB is a surprise, and so are the mods. (Sometimes nasty suprises, but mostly good if you used the validated mods)

Hopefully, PHPBB will work to speed their forums up.

i meant invision v2 final reaper man hehe phpbb has been on v2 for ages now lol.

although LD4all uses 2.0.6 and 2.0.10 came out in july.

But yeah i was refering to Invision about the mod stuff :wink:

There are new PHPBB versions coming out soon. The test forum was much faster than most PHPBB forums. PHPBB is catching up, and with an automated mod installer it shall take the leed!

Sorry, but PHPBB will truely rock!

phpbb SHOULD catch up it’s been around alot longer than IPB. If they don’t catch up they will be like microsoft and Firefox lol.

The mod installer sounds like a great idea, although one should always be wary and check the mod before adding it since their could be mistakes in the script. Partly why i am learning to write my own scripts.

I’m probably going to end up with which ever board is the easiest to write mods for.

Most of the time that is more dependant on the server than the board it’s self. If the database is being pushed hard or the server is slow the board can’t be much faster.

LD4all for me is one of the fastest loading boards i personally visit as it’s on a VPS.

I did notice the test forum runs faster than the main phpbb site board, but i have no idea if it’s on a different server or not so we won’t really know until the main site updates as to whether it’s truely faster.

Sadly my interest in forums is waining. I’m becoming more intersted in writing scripts (that dont work) and trying out some programs (that work but not how they are meant to lol)

But i will learn, i will improve… then maybe i will try building my own forum :confused: nah.

If it’s scripts then go for IF, because it’s much more javascript based.

No, PHPBB is really catching up now, because 2.2 is near completion and 2.4 will come out much sooner than 2.2 did. There’s one difference between Microsoft and PHPBB. PHPBB is free, and offers free stuff and free support. Where as Microsoft…

microsoft is… hmm list go with the list of what microsoft isn’t - much shorter will less profanity LOL.