Involuntary LD experience

Hello everybody,
My name is Aurelien, I am French, leaving in Paris and 35 years old. I think I am a guy pretty rational and curious and I do not know what to do with an experience that happened yesterday… All my apologies for my english. Moreover this experience is not quite clear for me. So it is difficult to structure that. I have found your website, it is really interesting. I learned a lot.
I woke up very early yesterday. About 5am. I decided to stand up and to do something because I was no more tired. About 7am I was a little bit tired so I decided to listen music and I fell asleep.
I don’t remember the exact chronology of the beginning of the dream. I don’t remember how long it last.
Somewhere in my dream I was suspicious about if it was a dream. My first reallity check was to run on the roofs. I have started to run on the edge of roofs in a big city. I was jumping from one building to another. Once I have failed my jump and I Just catch the roof with my right hand. I had no problem to climb on the roof. I was a little bit scared. I decided to stop that game.
I don’t know why, just after I was near the sea. I didn’t want to fly, I was a little bit scared by what could happen… I decided to have something less dangerous. I decided to do salto, to walk on wall, and finally to do a cartwheel (I am not gymnast and I am sure not to do that in reallity :tongue: ).
I remember to have think about other way to check if it was dream or not and to control the consciousness. The last I used was to look at my hand. It was a real effort for me.
In my way to control my dream I almost wake up two times. I understood, supposed that the dream has a certain logic, and I had to accept it.
I have decided to go in Paris.I decided to speak to my dead father. He appeared in the crowd. I went to him but was unable to speak. I let him go to the subway. This experience make me a little bit angry.
I woke up on my coach in my living room. When I stood up I immediately realized that the perspective was not good. I play a time to change the decoration of my living room and to create some paintings. I decided to go out but even there I was not quite sure dream / reality… when I closed my door.
Sometimes in my dream I could hear the music that was really playing in my living room. I was thinking that the music was really too loud, and that it could be nice if I could turn down the sound, but I was in the dream.
At the end I concluded (me in my dream) that it was funny but useless. All was coming from me… And I really woke up. I was really feeling good. A very good rest.
I have done some other things. Some I can’t describe here :smile: . I give you a short description of what happened. I think right now the content is not really important.
Just after came a lot of questions. I didn’t look at this “thing”… I just arrived like that.
I decided to try to sleep another time. I decide to do some precise things. In this dream I was talking about lucid dream but I was not really lucid. I have done some goals I decided before to sleep, but it was not like 1st time. It was like a “schedule” dream. I was not
Last night no other dream like that. I am a little bit disappointing :wink: .
I repeat didn’t search that event. It s just happened. And now I have really a lot of questions about it… But really a lot… I have found answers on this website.
If I have to keep only three questions (to begin)it could be: Is that experience could happen once again ? What do you find personnaly in that dreams ? Should I consider I had a funny experience, I am lucky and end of the story ? I have undertood that with training we can tringer these dreams, but it seems a little bit complicated and hard. And the goals remain not clear for me. I can’t focus all my life to try to have perhaps another dream like that in the only aim to fly or walk on walls. Even if it’s really nice :smile: .
If you have read all this thank you for your attention. Sorry I tried to make short but I think I need to write about this. I tried to talk about it with my partner and my sister. They were a little bit affraid. I don’t blame us I can understand their reactions. I don’t think to talk about it anymore but it has unsettled me a bit, and I don’t really know what to do with that event. Thank you for all your potential advices.

Welcome to the forum and to lucid dreaming! If I understand correctly, this is your first experience and you only know what you’ve read here. I encourage you to keep exploring topics on this forum. It has helped me a lot! It sounds like everything you mentioned is normal. The reason you lucid dreamed at the time you did (not when you first went to sleep at night) is b/c it’s easier to LD in late morning or during naps. You go into deep REM sleep quickly and that is the part of the sleep cycle where LD is possible. It sounds like you also experienced a false awakening FA. I only have a couple of people I talk wtih about LD. Many people are afraid of it, they think I’m dabbling with something mystical, and dreams historically have had a lot of superstition attached to them. Modern science is explaining that dreams are simply a product of our own subconscious. I don’t think there is any superstitious element. Stay involved on this forum! Ask questions and explore! There are some wonderful people here to help you. In my experience, LD is amazing and beneficial.

Thank you Annebelle for your answer and your warm welcome.
I read and read again this website and forum… I don’t stop :smile: I find answers.
If I may can you tell me what do you mean by beneficial ?

Hey Frenchdreamer, Welcome to Ld4all.

I’ve read your post and just wanted to say, it seems that you by chance actually mixed a couple of techniques that might have caused you to become lucid.

The first one would be WBTB, WakeBackToBed. The title explains itszelf: you wake up, usually after 5 till 7 hours. you’ll do things that cause your mind to wake up a bit but keep your body relaxed, and after an hour or so you’d go back to bed. Drastically improving your chances of having a lucid dream.

Secondly, I think the music you turned on might have given you a WILD like experience. WILD is when you enter a dream while remaning conscious during the process, however there are wild techniques involving people actually losing and then regaining their consciousness in the dream. You said you were listening to music and just fell asleep, so you weren’t actually trying to go to sleep, which might have kept your consciousness up.

So you without knowing it basically combined 2 lucid dreaming techniques and it effectively gave you a lucid dream :content:

Like Annebelle said: Feel free to ask any questions and exlpore the forum. You might find relatively easy methods for getting ld’s that fit into your lifestyle.

Best of luck and sweet dreams :wink:

The goals for LDing are far from just superpowers.

For one, dreams are an incredible source of creativity. Anyone can benefit from that greatly, especially artists, writers, and musicians. Just think about how much that can be amplified by an LD. You can just conjure up some inspiration.

You can also talk to your SC, which is an experience that I haven’t gone through myself quite yet (teleportation is a bit tricky), but it sounds amazing.

And then there’s everything on this thread on Dream Views.

Good luck! :smile:

Hi Shadow of a Day,
“easy methods for getting ld’s that fit into your lifestyle” is all I would like :smile: thank you.

I have a lot of questions about lucidity. I think it’s a deep question. perhaps too deep for me right now :smile:

I talked about a 2nd dream, a “scheduled” dream.

After that 1st experience of LD I decided to have another nap, and to see if it happens again.
I understood that I need goals. I chose:
-to go in a quiet and safe place (the 1st dream was too quick). I chose an art galery where I was in the previous dream,
-to talk with other “people” about LD,
-to fly…

The result is this one: I am at a cafe terrace with a friend. I say to her we are dreamin and we are going to run without paying. I took her by the arm, we steal a car and I drive. I After I talk with her about LDs. The discussion is ridiculous. But I talk to her about a “power place” and it seems to be this cafe terrace.

I have achieved all my goals more or less:

1/ To fly: in french “steal” and “fly” are the same word “voler”… unconscious seems to have made a trick :tongue:
2/ I talked about LDs
3/ I was looking for a quiet place to understand LD and watch. I don’t go in the art gallery but in this cafe terrace in a small typical french village. This place is recurrent in my dreams… “Power place” sounds like directly out of a castaneda’s book… :smile:

But It was not a lucid dream for me. in comparison with the 1st one… which lucidity can be discuss too…

Relations between conscious and unconscious seem to be very close.

Sorry I put my impression just like that. there is certainly a lot of answers everywhere on the website. Perhaps i have too many questions too… and LD is first a game / entertainment / pleasure (in my 1st dream I have a long walk in the streets with a strong feeling of happiness like if i took drugs :cool:

I will hang around the website…

Thank you Shadow for your encouraging words.

hehehe ! 1000 thing to do ! incredible :eek: I have seen some very good ideas in there :tongue:

Thanks a lot Antylamon for the link ! very useful !

I painted in my LD. It was strange. I made appear a canvas painting. I chose a blue color and after i made appear different patterns on it. In fact i fell like projection from me to to the canvas. Not conscicous… All was not good… some was pretty fine… I though it was practical :smile: but I was not quite sure of the results in reality :smile: and I still not quite sure :smile:

Yes indeed creation can be an application. I was thinking about it… Do you use it personnaly Antylamon ?

Hey FrenchDreamer,

There is no such thing as too many question. Feel free to ask anything.
About your second dream: you had a False lucid dream. those dreams are perhaps the closest you can be to an LD without actually having one. “You act as if it were a lucid dream but it isn’t.” It just means that getting lucid dreams has really been on your mind since you are dreaming about it. I don’t really have time to elaborate right now, but I’ll wright some more tomorrow :wink:

Like Antylamon said, LD is a source for creativity. It also puts me in a good mood that lasts a long time when I LD something happy and upbeat. I guess it’s the endorphins released, but sometimes I wake up with enthusiasm and cheerfulness that lasts all day, depending on what I was dreaming about. You mentioned color. When I dream in vivid, bright colors, I usually have a wonderful day. I also want to talk to my subconscious b/c I think it sees things clearly, without all the smokescreens and falsehoods imposed on my waking mind by my culture, religion, parents, etc. I have tried asking DCs “what do you represent?” but so far, I only get gibberish or nothing at all. But I am still new to LD. I am a little jealous that this is coming to you so naturally, FrenchDreamer! Some people get it fairly easily, and others have to work hard at it. Be sure to start your Dream Journal and take it seriously. That’s one thing you will see over and over and over on this forum. DJ is one of those basic tools that some people like to skip. I think it’s fun, but some people seem to think it’s an odious task. Best of luck!

the color is another difference between my 1st dream and my 2nd. the 1st was very bright. The 2nd very dark…

My LD came without will but I am not sure to have a 2nd :smile:

Creativity and endorphins are already 2 good reasons to try to have another LD :smile:

A Dream Journal… I have read that… I’m going to have a look on what I should note down…
I had one few years ago. A friend was studying “Onirologie” (a french term for “dream and psychanalysis”… but from the dream… I do not know the translation in English). This friend need material to practice. but i gave up because it took too much time.

I remembered him today. I think to call him to discuss about LD and if he already heard about it.

Thank you Annebelle for you kindness and your advices.