Involuntary lucid dreaming episodes

Guys, after yesterday night I’m completely in the dark about what is going on with me in terms of nightmares, lucid dreaming and/or sleepwalking. Forgive me if this is not the exact, correct spot on the forum but I was really ancious to solve my problem okay? :confused: :help:

Here’s the story:

At least throughout this year (and maybe before but I didn’t pay attention to it before) I’ve been having realistic nightmares frequently and almost always multiple ones during the same night’s sleep. I’m talking having nightmares the majority of nights, while I’m actually happy during waking hours. They’re the kind of nightmares where you wake up asking yourself if they were real or not.

Now, somewhere in August I saw this interview on Youtube about this guy who was talking about “lucid dreaming” which he described as the power to realize you’re dreaming, while you’re still dreaming, and the ability to do anything you want inside the dream. The moment he described his experiences I was like: wow, this is my ticket to having fewer nightmares, having them less often or you know, making them less scary! I had no idea how to do it though and internet didn’t help me (tips sounded too vague), so I kind of forgot about it.

Almost two months later I’m dreaming, a nightmare, and the usual stuff is going on (I always dream about work or my relationships with people, especially my girlfriend and my parents) and all of a sudden I realize I’m dreaming! I mean, I could literally say NO, this is not what we’re going to do. This is fake, and I am in control. That’s when I started to grow bigger and I wanted to go away so somehow I floated up through the floors of that house, liked that so I went further into the air, and into space eventually. I could look where I wanted, think and say what I wanted. And right when I wanted to go further into space I woke up. I thought it was so cool at the time! I had a lucid dream without practice and I stopped one of my nightmares and I felt relieved. I unfortunately have not been able to have another lucid dream since then… until yesterday (I think).

But this is where stuff gets weird. In fact, I don’t even know if it qualifies as lucid because I did not clearly say to myself that I was dreaming.

So, I had a nightmare in which my parents were involved and someone (unknown guy) tried to steal from me. All of a sudden I felt the same sense of control as in that first dream and thought I could win and I got angry: I grabbed the guy’s hair and tried to throw him out of the room… and then I woke up and was pulling my girlfriend’s hair in real life, in bed! My heart skipped a beat, seriously. I grabbed her hair while I was asleep, so I acted out my dream during REM sleep but aren’t you supposed to be somewhat paralyzed then? What the heck happened?

I felt so ashamed because it scared the crap out of my girlfriend and out of me as well. It was freaky. So darn strange. I can’t explain it because our relationship couldn’t be better than how it’s been these last couple months, plus I don’t have insomnia, I’m not a sleepwalker or anything. The only thing I can think of was that my biological clock was kind of off these past 2 weeks because of changing work schedules, but that surely can’t be the cause?

How can a guy do something in his dream and also do it in real life while he doesn’t know it until he wakes up… while having the same sense of control in the dream as during his first lucid dream experience? And why the heck am I having unvoluntary ludic dreams experiences anyway?

It seemed such a good idea to learn more about it at first, but after last night I don’t want it to happen again anytime soon as you may imagine. Right now I’m confused about whether I’m lucid dreaming, showing the early signs of sleepwalking or need to see some guy to talk about my feelings because something’s wrong with me?

So, anyone who can relate, please tell me because last night my dream was far from ideal.

P.S. it suddenly hit me that 3 years ago I was on vacation and had a nightmare about being stabbed and at that exact moment I went from lying in my bed to jumping to a sitting position and screaming during the last stages of sleep/early stages of awakening. So, it was like the stabbing happened in my dream and my body reacted to it in real life… just like it did yesterday. What the heck is this??

I don’t think that you have some sort of mental disorder just because of nightmares. I also don’t think that your LD’s have something to do with the sleepwalking/breaking SP. However, no one can really assure you this. Occasionally, it’s possible that the SP doesn’t work as it should. If it happens more often, you should maybe see a doctor.

I have had two similar dreams where I was close to be raped and both times I was so scared and shocked that I just kicked and lashed about without any real success. But these violent movements together with my fear caused me to wake up. While waking up, I could feel how I broke the SP and smashed my mattress. Because of the adrenalin, my rapid heartbeat and of the sheer realness of the dream it took me some seconds to realize that it was only a dream. Also one time, I could feel the SP while still dreaming, very weird feeling.

In general, LD’s are a great way of learning more about yourself and confronting your fears. To me it sounds like you were lucid in both dreams you described. Maybe the next time something like this happens, try to think more calmly and rational. Instead of fighting your enemy, realize that you are in complete control and that nothing can harm you. Turn around, face your fear and ask something like: Who are you? What do you want from me? Why do you attack me?