IQ of the Lucid Dreamer

I just took an online IQ test which for once looks to be dependable and accurate.

I wondered what the IQ of the average lucid dreamer is, I predict it would be higher than the average population (ie. higher than 100) since lucid dreaming requires certain pattern recognition skills (to recognize one is dreaming), visualisation and spatial manipulation skills (for WILD) etc etc.

So take this test and post your IQ here:

Also mention how successful you are at lucid dreaming so we can see if there is a correlation between IQ and lucid dreaming ability. The test also gives a breakdown of what your score is in each individual area, such as visualisation. It would be interesting to see if expert WILDers have high visualisation scores etc.

To start it off, I guess I did ok, but not as well as I would have liked, I scored 122, which only puts me in the above average category. :neutral:

If i was to join this test, i would have dragged the IQ average way down… :tongue:

i didn’t have time to finish that thing… :silent:

Personalized IQ report for Bobo !

You can view your full report anytime online at the following url.

Your age adjusted IQ score is 101 and the average score of all test takers is 100.

Your IQ score is the result of a formula based on the number of questions answered correctly on the test. This score has been further adjusted to account for the differences in capabilities among various age groups.

dammit all.

the only thing i’m above average in is verbal with 75th percentile, doesn’t surprise me, i’m horrible at math and spatial, no surprise

and dead average in general knowledge.

they needed more funky word games like if all splorks are dorks but not all dorks are splorks, then, blah blah blah.

they didn’t have any of those.

i got like 122 on 's IQ test though.

Personalized IQ report for Andra !

Your age adjusted IQ score is 106 and the average score of all test takers is 100.


Total number of questions: 30
Questions answered: 30
Questions not answered: 0
Questions answered correctly: 15
Questions answered incorrectly: 15
Percentage correct answers: 50 %

Geee…thats so terrible…u r OnLy in the average category. At least its not in the ‘below below average category’ lol :razz:

Average score is 100? The average IQ nowadays is 105, isn’t it?

I’ll take the test some time later - but on a different test ( I think) I recieved 130.

I scored a magical 127 but unfortunately I think IQ tests are relatively de-humanising and contribute to silly competition and needless envy when something so narrow minded as to measure only spatial, mathematical and linguisict ability is really leaving out 99% of what it means to be a human being.

Also since I think dreaming has much much more to do with the intuitive and spiritual sides of an individual, an internet IQ test is downright inconsequential… therefore, everybody have at it!

:wiske: :wiske: :wiske:

i dont want to take that test, but my sat scores were
60 percentile math (suz0rz :sad:)
56 percentile writing skills
99 percentile verbal

I got 125, that’s about what I usually get on IQ-tests.

Verbal 58
Mathematical 73
Spatial 100
Logic 74
Pattern Recognition 73
General Knowledge 45
Short term memory 71
Visualization 93
Classification 60

I think the test was a bit short to make a correct analysis of how intelligent one is. And I would have to agree with old shoes that it leaves out a lot, but it’s a easy way to measure IQ. And atleast somewhat accurate.
Guess visual things are my strongest side, then again I have always known that. My memory is almost completely based on visual things. It I didn’t visualise I couldn’t remember anything :bored:

Each test is slightly different with grading there is a 5point discrepancy each way because of this. So depending on the test you take 95-105 is the average.

I’ve only just got up which may account for the discrepancy in the numbers. That and the fact this test doesn’t account for time taking which any good IQ test should.

I have more faith in the accuracy of this test however as this one gives me a similar score to the school tests and the Nationwide IQ test thingy from “test the nation”

This test gave me:

Go figure lol.


I don’t have much faith in iq tests over the internet anyway.

there’s an official mensa test on the uks BBC website i’ll look for it if anyone is interested.

I would also love to know some accurate results between IQ and the ability to LD. The average lucid dreamer may not have online access. I think this poll could test more the average IQ of LD4all’ers willing to take this IQ test AND post their scores on this thread.
I doubt many that score say 101 or less will decide to not post the results here.
I think being able to use a computer well enough to register on this forum will totally remove a lot of lower IQ people. The average internet user is not of someone with a low IQ.

Also, someone that has difficultly with this test may become frustrated and not complete the test at all. Added with the pure geek factor of doing a test with 12 minutes of your free time also seems to filter out a good number of lower IQ testees. size=59[/size]
I think these factors will result in replies with higher than average IQ result.

:confused: I took the test, and while on question 17 noticed I had less than one minute left to finish! :eh: I didn’t know it was timed until then.
Funny though, because I thought I was blazin’ through it with no problem. hah :tongue: I thought “wow, these questions are so easy and I’m going so fast”
but then my time was over and I scored 101 :neutral: I got all my questions right but I guessed on #17 about the “what city doesn’t belong” and was wrong.

All of my life I have remembered finishing test last, but scoring high. I really hate timed test because of this.
In elementary school they put me in slower kids classes(hah! don’t laugh) , and then I didn’t fail 3rd grade but they held me back that grade. It was horrible but hilariously fun at the same time. Luckily some national test was done at my school and I scored >140 IQ and it totally blasted my teachers away. A nice and great teacher studying psychology kept in touch with me the whole following year. I was put in Academically gifted classes and excelled just as I did in the lower classes.
So if a test is timed for me it totally impairs my score. :wink: I’ve learned long ago I juggle my thought processes before coming to a conclusion and it takes more time… but I like to think it has benefits that outweigh the stupid outward appearence it may create. :lol:

DreamAddict, my best friend is just like you. He’s really slow on tests but he almost always the best in the class, and this happens even if he doesn’t study for the test :eek:

I think this happens because some smart people think through all the options carefully before they decide the correct option.

I tend to be quite fast on tests, but I almost always makes a few stupid mistakes during the tests :ack:

Total number of questions: 30
Questions answered: 30
Questions not answered: 0
Questions answered correctly: 20
Questions answered incorrectly: 10
Percentage correct answers: 66 %

Your age adjusted IQ score is 119 and the average score for all test takers is 100.
You scored higher than 90 % of all the people that took this test. :wiske:

well i even had 3 minutes left :tongue:

i didnt feel like straining my brain so if i didnt see it at first sight i just put i dont know or took one that felt right.

im exactly the opposite from you DA, in school i would always hurry to be the first one finished :grin: i scored high but i think if i took more time to finish i would have less mistakes.

anyway relieved to see i still scored above average :content:

Your general IQ score is 133.

A person whose IQ score falls in the range of 129-143 is considered to be “highly intelligent”.

An IQ is a composite of your scores across 12 distinct aspects of intelligence. Each person has a unique intellectual make-up, with strengths and weaknesses that affect their methods of understanding, recognition, communication and association. Using a carefully cross-reference scoring scheme, TestCafe is able to accumulate a profound quantity of information about your natural intellectual abilities.

For example, your Pattern Recognition score is 88.


compare that to a 101

IQ tests seem to be BS.

133 on the second one here… 120 something and 130 something on tickle… 112 something on the LONG tickle test… 101 on the first one in here…

your IQ is not supposed to change at all throughout your life, or if it does, very little.

i am either highly erratic in the head, or IQ tests are kind of lousy.

i went through and put false for every question

my score is 99 NINETY NINE?

for putting false on everything?

I put true on everythign

Your general IQ score is 118.

this test is full of shit.

unless it just counts you really really really high for the few you got right in the time it took to click the answers real fast.

HAHAHAHA! That’s just stupid. hmm, I wonder what your iq is if you get it all wrong…


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. (I scored higher than 1%? It’s just not possible)

it is odd. People who also got so much wrong took longer than you did thus scored lower.