Is a Dream Journal really that important for success?

I’ve read many times that it’s vital to successfully dreaming lucidly, but, why? Like, as long as I can recall my dream, why do I need to write it down? I’ll do it if I really need to but I’m just wondering why it’s so important.

For me, having a DJ has been a major source of my dreaming life - I need to have one, because when it comes to any kind of dream other than extremely vivid ones (which most of mine aren’t), I require one in order to keep everything straight IWL. Otherwise, I will forget after a few days, rearrange the facts, and (worst of all) have little material to review when I want to try to induce lucidity or future recall.

Just because you can recall your dream now doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it later, or even have it on record for when you might need it later. But every case is different.

Yeah, sometimes I remember my dream when I wake up. I normally don’t feel like writing it down and I get up to take a shower. So I try to hold onto what happened in my dream inside my head. By the time I get out of the shower and get dressed; I forget what my dream was about.

Plus, it’s fun to read other people’s DJs.

The answer two your question is yes and no…

Let me explain.

A dream journal does a few things other then just a place to write down your dreams to re read them later.

It helps you focus your memory on your dreams, even if your dreams are well recalled a DJ will focus your memory on remembering your dreams when you wake up, like when you get into a car to drive you check your mirrors seat belt etc etc without even thinking about it, much like with dreaming when you wake up, it becomaes a habbit to remmeber your dreams and effortless later as well

If dont have recall it of course increases recall, if you do have recall it does the same thing, increases recall and makes you pay attention to your dreams in a way you would not have before

It can give you the abiltiy to identify dream signs, common recourring dreams, keeping atrack of your progress etc etc, it can be an out let and give you the ability to look inside your self for years to come, you will learn a lot more about your self by doing it.

But is it needed?


It helps yes, but you dont need it.

When i first started lucid dreaming it helped me recall my dreams and focus my passion, as the years went by my recall so excellent, i could write pages and pages instead when i first started of a few lines. Now i bearly use it, i stll recall my dreams, not as much as i used to because i dont really try, but lucid dreaming still happens quite frequently but i do not recall them as well as i used to.

It all personal choice, find out if it is riht for you by first not trying it for 2 weeks then trying it for two weeks and see if there is a difference.

And lastly, yes it can be fun after a while, its so different to imagine this is what you do everynight and to write it down, well humans have this desire to make something real, writing it down does that

Good luck,

I belive uts good to get back to the dream you had written down

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Also its great to solve things in a recorded dream that you did not have time to do at the start

what do you mean by that?

I mean, for example if their is somthing he difnt understand he can go back and figure out more

Dream journals do alot, it helps you get fermilar with your dreams, and you can very easly pick out your DS. Yes keep your dream journal healthy. It allso helps with dream recall. I could go for months without having a lucid dream, and it wouldnt bother me as long as I have my journal pages full, but If my DJ is weak, and Im having alot of lucid dreams. I still get frustrated. Personaly good DR is more importent to me then having alot of lucid dreams.

I use my black berry for my journal easy grab on bed

TimeLess said everything I’d say. :tongue: (and more probably)

But, yeah, when you’re starting out I suggest you keep a DJ. It helps your subconscious know that dreams are important to you…Mine helped me find dream signs I wouldn’t have found without it. And those dream signs have made me lucid a few times.

When I started my DJ it ended up being much more fun than I thought it would be. :wink:

I would say yes, because I have been doing a DJ for about 3 months now, and my dream recall is about 100x better than it was when I first tried. I dont even have to think to recall it anymore. :smile: