Is a Spirit Guide's name significant?

My SG is named Dawn (the rabbit doesn’t have a name as of yet so I simply call him Rabbit), and I haven’t figured out Dawn’s name yet. Like, why she was chosen as to be named Dawn as my SG.
My theory is that she is named Dawn because I think the beginning of the day is the most magical, when everything is waking up. Everything is so vivid in the beginning of the day.

Does your SG have a name, and if so, what does it signify? If you don’t know, what do you think it signifies?

Everything in your dream world signifies something. Whether it’s as small as something you’ve seen or are about to see.

Some people believe that everything in a dream is a product of your mind and imagination. In this case yes. Others like me, believe that spirit guides actually exist and can reveal themselves to you in a dream, where they tell you either his or her real name or a name that you can call them.