Is anyone familiar with the writings of David Icke?

One of his books, and the one in question, is titled “…and the truth shall set you free”

has anyone read it? How about any of his other books? I am very curious to hear thoughts and opinions!

You know what dude, this guy is bascially a consipriacy theorist. Some modern conpiracy theories hold water(9/11, Kennedy), but this guy is way out there, man. Check it out if you want, but dude seems wacky to me.

I’ve heard of him, and heard some weird things about him, but I’ve never actually read any of his work. I guess it doesn’t hurt to give his stuff a try and see what you think.

try him out? i have all his books! O.o

Well then tell us something nice about them! :smile: Dan already gave us an introduction to the author,

Which I’d guess you disagree with… So why not tell us yourself a bit about the author, maybe your favourite theory of his? :smile:

I read his biography at wikipedia and basically, what he believes is that the world is secretely governed by humanoid repitles, who can shapeshift into human form. Apparently, Bush is one of these “reptiles”. Also, the reptiles are said to be spoken of a lot in various myths around the globe.

The myth part interests me. I don’t know what to make of all this, it sounds ridiculous, but if it’s true about the myths maybe it’s worth investigating into this matter to see if at least some aspect of it may be true.

Do you know more about this Anastasio?

I suggest reading his “I am me, I am free : The Robots Guide to Freedom” book. I have not read the whole book, but what I have read is very positive and helpful. No conspiracy theories so far in my reading experience…however, I am aware of his. The key here is : you don’t have to believe these, however, take what you find useful and apply it to your own life. Like he said, look at life as a series of opprotunities to grow and learn from.

Whoa, I’d steer clear of this guy. The way I see it, anything valuable Icke or other New Agers like him have to offer you’d be better off getting straight from the traditions from which they come. If someone is getting something out of him, that’s great, but I don’t see the point of dressing these things up in some New Ager McExplanation. This stuff’s already out there if you know where to look; you don’t need someone to sell it to you along with some crazy ideas about reptiles.

Alright–I’m not trying to sound mean or anything, but does anyone here actually believe the world is governed by humanoid reptiles?

hey anything is possible and you should open your mind to any and everything as a possiblity. Lets not take the oath of ignorance. (when i reread what i wrote for errors i noticed the word oath insted of path. mysteriously intersting, thats why i left it so, i believe they both work swell.)

Yes, don’t you?!

It sounds like a fun read. I suppose Tony Blair is an iguana as well?

Done some research on the guy now…

Seems like this David Icke has used a lot of proven hoaxes as background material to his books. Also, he is supposed to have foreseen a flood which would destroy Great Britain, but it never happened…

So I wouldn’t take what he says that seriously. However, the reptile theory isn’t his so we can’t discard it on basis of that. Of course the whole thing sounds utterly ridiculous but maybe you should keep your mind open to everything that hasn’t already been proved untrue. I don’t mean believe in everything, obviously you have to be critical as well, but hey, why not at least keep the door open for the possibility that something might be true? That way you’ll be able to say “wow, those nutcases we’re right after all”, should Bush transform into a vicious reptile during the next presidential election :wink:

Earth being governed by reptiles is always a possiblilty, I wasn’t saying its impossible, I was just wondering if anyone firmly belives it is.