Is anyone like me?....

I’m a strange dreamer… I was born with the ability to LD, but I lost this ability around 10 years old or so. Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to my dreams and I notice they are so vivid and detailed, it almost saddens me that I can’t participate in them as I once did…

I’m curious. Is there anyone else who was born with LDing ability?

I don’t think we ever really lose our ability to LD Fei, at least that’s what I’ve found to be true for me. I’m sure you will be able to be an active participant in your dreams once again if you really desire it. I’ve found the more I want…the more I get as far as dream recall and LDs go.

I’ve been very into dreams since a child…vivid dreams and LDs alike. I recall having a nightmare when I was a kid and my parents told me to call my dog into the dream to protect me…so that’s what I did - and it worked wonderfully. In our house, we always talked about dreams and I’m grateful for that because I think it helped my development a lot.

:welcome: Fei

We all can go lucid, it’s just a matter of trying. You never lose the ability, you’ll just have to try techs to get back into the groove.

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Well, I dont know if id say i was born with it, but I can remember when I was 7 and having LD’s every night. But I seemed to get a horrible spell of insomnia, and I just kind of fell out of it. Id say Im a natural dreamer though, because I think I remember more from my dreams as a child than I do actually being awake. That probably has to do with my disenchanted childhood though.

Thanks Lexa, Wolf and Azurescen. :content: I’ve never pulled a dog into my dream, but stuffed animals work wonders. I slept with 7 stuffed animals everynight when I was young and in my dreams I’d become a fairy princess who could talk to animals. It was great. But I think that I was disenchanted.

When I was 6 I discovered to ability to fly by sort of swimming up into the air. One night, while soaring in the air I had a sudden shock of logic. I told myself, ‘wait I can’t be flying, its impossible to fly. Gravity would pull me down’. I dropped down and from then on I couldn’t fly. My lucidity went downhill from there :sad:

It’s been about 6 months since i last LDed and quite a while since i got frequent LDs, as a kid I got them a lot just by thinking on the basis that I could control my dreams if i realised i was dreaming (before I knew actualy knowledge about LD)

I was actually making progress with astral projection, good progress at that but then after one succesful projection I sort of fell out of practice just from being so busy at the time and I couldn’t deal with the rebound insomnia from failing a projection (much like I get with failed WILD)

Thats intense because when I was around that age, I can remember learning to fly and actually believing it could happen in RL. It was kinda like just letting go and running into the air, or something like that I cant remember perfectly. Alls I know is when Id have those dreams my life was much better than when Id have nightmares.

Like you, I had LD’s as a kid, and now I can’t for é]s/&.

I too used to be able to have lucid dreams at an early age. Around the age of 7 or 8, I realized that dreams are in large part figments of the imagination and can be controlled. Since then I have altogether lost my ability and I am in the process of regaining it.

You’re welcome Fei - I hope your lucidity returns soon. Ha, yes, I can see how stuffed animals would work well too. I find that animals always figure prominately in my dreams, regular or lucid.

Hmmm, maybe it would help if you tried reminding yourself you can do anything you want in your dreams. If you still have some stuffed animals (I do) tell them this too. Chant it to yourself as you’re falling asleep or even better, write it out as many times as you can before bed. Hope it helps - let us know :smile:

:content: I think a particularly amusing memory I still have had me trying to move clouds with my friends. I dreamed that I could change the weather by moving the clouds, the sun and the direction of the wind and somehow, I believed that I could also do it in real life. Hehe, my two friends (who I somehow convinced) and I must have been very interesting to watch standing on the steps at recess on a cloudy day glaring intently at the sky.

Actually, after recently paying more attention to my dreams and keeping a DJ, I realize that I can still control a little bit of my dreams (might be partly because I’m still a kid). Small things, such as taking a different persona or casting immunity on another character. I’m very lucky.

Changing the weather sounds like a fun dream Fei. Calling up a wicked storm in the dreamworld is a blast too :wink:

Hey, good to hear you are still able to have some control over your dreams! I’m sure the more effort you put into it the stronger that control will become :smile: Good work!