Is he allright??

I can’t even remember his name, but I remember there was a fellow a couple months back on the old forums who had planned to use… i think it was laughing gas, while he slept to see if it would increase lucidity. It took a while but people started to post that he shouldnt do it because of lack of air, and he should have someone assist him. However, the guy never responded and we were wondering wether or not… well you know… I havent really been to the forums since then and just wondering if anyone had heard from him… makes me so mad i cant remember his name, hopefuly someone who read the same post a while back and remembers it will know and can fill me.

hello Matt
the member was GhostOfTheNavigator
the original topic can be found here experiment with Nitrous Oxide
and he’s ok

Thank you, so glad to see hes okay :smile: