Is it a dreamsign if something happens 3 nights in a row?

3 nights ago I finally got motivated again and started journaling my dreams (yippie!); and I have noticed that my mother has appeared in at least one of my dreams each night, which kind of makes sense since I visit her pretty often.
I was wondering if it’s safe to consider her a dreamsign at this point, or is it still too early for that?
It does at least seem like she is a very recurring dream character, so , well… :confused: :eh: :peek:

Depends on how you think of it. Whenever I pay attention to what seems to be a dreamsign, it never shows up again…
or not that often. So it’s hard to say. For me, at least.

I would say that is a dreamsign - family members are a quite common one for some people. I personally have eyes sticking out of walls and ceilings in many of my dreams, which is a bit of a weird DS, but whatever. :tongue: