Is it dangerous?

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Ive got another question, I didn’t want to make a new thread so I’ll just ask it here. Is it dangerous to bring back old memories and also can LDing trigger a mental illness?

I don’t think it’s dangerous to bring back old memories. On the contrary, Freud used this in a therapeutical goal.

Researches have never shown that LD’ing could trigger a mental illness. Now it’s supposed to be safer not to practice LD’ing if you experience dissociation. Anyway, some people on the forum are schizophrenic and it seems there is absolutely no problem.

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I’m not an expert, but I don’t think any physical harm will come to your RL body due to SP, and the fact that dreams aren’t real.

Mental health is somewhat of a concern. Most people when they first start to LD get a sense of the separation between reality and dreaming, and recognize that reality is top priority. Dreaming is not an escape, it’s a vacation. LDing should not be a shoulder to lean on whenever you feel sick of the real world. It should be a chance to explore what it’s like having no limitations.

SP occurs every night when you fall asleep. We just don’t know it because we’re already asleep. :smile:

I definitely agree with you that LD’ing should not take priority over RL, though.