Is it just me or is DV down?

Well since Dream Views has come back online I realize that I haven’t been back to visit you guys here at all. And I realize that I only come here when DV goes down (which has been twice now)…AND I’m realizing that it’s actually kind of rude.It’s almost like when you feel bad when you have to “eat and run” or rather, “post and run”. I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming and accepting first of all, and secondly, just to say HEY again and that I haven’t forgotten about you guys over here. I’ll try to come back and visit when I can…and I’d love it if you guys would come over to DV and visit us there too. I think our two forums have ALOT of knowledge that should be shared, but isn’t for some reason. Anyways…take care all.

-nina :peek:

What is Dream Views?
Cos, y’know… I dunno what you do there.
Nor do I have its URL…

wow Sureal :bored: are you serious?
Do you remember the DV lifeboat that pasQuale created when DV was unavailable? It was a special section for DV members to post threads until their forum was restored.

and the URL … is … well of course. :grin:

lucidnina, I don’t think it’s rude. DV is your home and home is where your heart is. :smile:
I also barely have time to visit LD4all like I wish, and stretching my time between two forums seems impossible! :eek: I’m sure that’s the same for our occasional DV visitors.

AHHHHHHH welcome back the refugees…DV is DOWN AGAIN. What is with that anyway. :cry:

Dammit, I know, I just hope it;s back soon, I wish I could help.

Working on it. The server seems OK, database is OK, file structures seem OK, email OK.

Error files show that the database shut down, I have no idea why.

I’m waiting to hear from Icedawg. Just hang tight and feel free to help out around here. I’m sure Q :wiske: won’t mind!

It’s back! Yeah!

“And there was much rejoicing…”


I am baned from dreanviews.

But not banned from dreamviews. =P

No no, banned from Dreamviews too.


I thought he was suspended? Meh.

Temporary ban.

Hey! :happy: Dreamviews. I know about that place. It’s cool, I know some people there (and from Dreamlucidity :wink:). But, I think I’m cool just here. :cool:


Bump for great justice.

alex, what was in the pms that kaniaz posted?

Sadly I didn’t see it. DV is a sad loss indeed.

Darn DV goes down just when i was about to give the link to a friend i introduced to lucid dreaming.

I am sad to see it go, but it will be back up in a few days :smile:

Techboy is truly sorry for what he did. I don’t believe any of your personal messages got read by Kaniaz. He only downloaded part of the database.

Icedawg had to shut it down to protect your privacy. He appears to have solved the problem, so I’m not sure what’s taking so long to get it back up and running.

And, I am not Techboy :eek:

At least this problem won’t occur again :smile:

Database was shut down by icedawg. Can’t tell you why here…

Sorry for what I done/help do, it was stupid. Either way, icedawg knows now, everything

Server is ok, file structures should be okay, email definately fine also.

/me prepares for heavy flaming

The rumor I have heard is that only mine and Icedawgs PMs were read. I am terribly disappointed in those two guys.

Yes, DreamViews will return soon. I hope that this whole episode does not dampen anyones enthusiasm for lucid dreaming.

I appoligoze for the inconvience this has caused everyone and am truly saddened by this whole thing and feel more than a little violated right now.