Is it okay to work on DR and practice technique's for LD

Im wondering if its okay to work on dream recall and techniques for lucid dreams at the same time because ive seen post’s saying ’ if your getting frustrated about not having LD then give up and work on DR ’ .

Im confused and need to know if its okay to work on them both at the same time.?

One thing that can help with recall and lucid dreams is practicing awareness. Throughout your day keep looking around, make note of all the objects you see. Ask yourself how you got where you are and if it all makes sense. Doing this can filter into your dreams which can lead to DILD or RCILD, and the extra awareness you get out of it all can also help you remember where you were and what you were doing in dreams.

Thanks alot!, At the moment I’m just doing Reality Checks, the ones i do are :

Looking at the text on my laptop or phone
Looking at my hands and seeing if there are any disfigurments etc.

I hope im doing everything right, I am really looking forward to Lucid Dreams!

A quick and easy reality check that seems fairly reliable is pinching your nose and trying to breath. The hands are fine as well, but sometimes the text one will fail. There’s not hard rules in dreams, so words and numbers won’t always be different.

Oh, i see. Is there anyway to constantly do RC as i only seem to be doing them when i remember it for e.g. looking on this forum or looking at my phone?

Trying to be continuously aware of your day can help, but its tiring, especially for the first couple of days. Some people here trained themselves to RC every time they walk through a door, so that may help. If you realize you haven’t done an RC in a while, do one or two and then remind yourself that you will do them more often. Well, that’s what helps me anyway :razz:

Haha, thanks i look forward to this!

What he said.
In one of my dreams I did the clock RC, and it was fine. Spot on 4:00pm. Didn’t change.