Is it possible to extend your dream period for weeks/years~?

I’ve always played with the idea of extending my stay in the dream world but I’ve never considered it a realistic possibility. I’m wondering if there are any members who have personally extended their lucid dreams for long periods of time, or if they know of people who have?

Serious information only please. Thank you.

I have been able to “extend” my dreams some times when they started to fade. Sometimes i manage to extend the dream to over perhaps 40 minutes but that’s rare.

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I forgot to add, how exactly did you extend your dream? How did you condition yourself into believing it was in your control?

yes, it is possible to extend your LD if it starts to fade. You can do it in several ways.

One is to rub your hands, another one is to shout:“prolong lucidity!” (i did that last time it worked). Another method is to grab hold of something in the dreamworld. And really want to stay in there.

you really have to want to stay in the dream though and not have this ‘oh no, i’m waking up’ sinking feeling, because then it doesn’t work.

although, to extend a dream period for weeks or years? I hope you are talking about dreamtime? you can feel you have been inside a dream for years, but in real time that’s not the case.

There is a long thread which has received recent posts about this.
Slowing down time in LD’s
At first sight, it looks more theorical than practical. I’m still not convinced by accounts about extended time in LD’s. Some people said they had very long dreams, but they generally didn’t point towards a dream in their DJ, so you cannot really know if it’s due to ellipses, flash-backs, false memories, etc.

I’ve had at most a week long LD. There is a lot of doubts about this subject. Even I thought it was fake…but after actually going through it, I’m pretty sure it is 100% possible. It really does not feel like “flash-backs” or “false memories” like Basilus West says. I can see how it would be easy to claim that, but honestly, it actually feels, looks, and is as long as what you believe.

I’ve recorded a 2 day long LD, and I wrote on 4 pages of my DJ. Most people don’t write long dreams however, just because there is too much to write or remember.

I guess I have no solid scientific proof of this…but then again…most things relating to human minds don’t. Nobody has explained Shared Dreaming, yet there are many people, including myself, that have gone through the experience and confirmed it was real by setting passwords with their partner.

So basically, just try extending time. That’s the only way to realise that it’s real.

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I’m glad this concept gains more popularity. Molecular processes needed for the formulation of waking memories have a speed limit, therefore experiences like this could prove that consciousness is able to function independently from the brain. We can easily come up with iterative tasks, similar to table games, that simply couldn’t be solved within a certain amount of time. If we find a technology to reliable induce these dreams and efficiently download our memories we can learn and experience so much within this life-time.

One technique I’m aware of to induce similar experiences is the “polarity flip maneuvre” (PFM) which I’ve been studying for years. Basically it means that you perform a hypnagog WILD (zooming through a hole in your mind) after laying down in the opposite direction than of your sleeping body, but now in the dream version of your bedroom. So the head of your dream body is where the leg of your sleeping body should be. You don’t need to see your sleeping body to do this, though the dream room where you fall asleep at the second time have to be very similar to its waking counterpart. If you familiar with the term, you have to perform the PFM in a real time zone (RTZ) projection.

The key to these (forgive me) “intrinsic time zone” (ITZ) projections is simply practicing “layered dreaming,” that is, sleeping within a dream. PFM only further increases detachment by mimicing the natural process of implosion. Implosion is like expanding into the non-phsyical space through a hole. Having good quality memories is also an issue of layered dreaming. You have to wake up gradually and spend some time in your dream bedroom to remember your experience from the second layer. Write your dream down in a dream journal like you would have a false awakening.

These descriptions should be enough to start with. If you have questions though feel free to PM me. Good luck and don’t forget to feed back the community with your experiences and new methods!

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If it is possible to slow down time in LDs…wouldn’t it also be possible to stop time altogether? It might sound crazy, but the dreamer could achieve immortality by living forever inside his dream while only a few hours go by in the real world.

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in my own personal experinces i know it is possible to extend time… but there is somthing to that.

I am not actually dreaming for hours months weeks or years, i was dreaming for my normal length of time depending what rem period i was in, but it seemed longer. much much longer. Not cuz of faulse memories, although some of it was that case, but because i feel that i actually just spend up my mind… so i did a lot more in less amount of time. or a lot more that felt like hours in only about 50 minutes. I knw that because when i woke up it was around 5:30. when i had fallen asleep it was i think around 3ish. i know that you can dream outside rem as well. and into the next. so that could be extending time…

but why would u want to stay lucid for months or years?

I’ve slowed down time in a lot of my LD’s. I can’t sxplain the process exactly because I have trouble putting thoughts into words. I want to get better at this though. It would be great to live in my dream world for years and overcome all my fears and problems.

Then come into the real world as a new person!

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Really, what’s the difference between a dream and false memories? Everything in a dream is all in your mind anyway, just like a false memory. If you can actually remember the details in the false memories, know that they have details spanning at least a day, and actually felt the passage of time, then it’s not just an illusion, it’s as if you actually were in the dream for a day or more.

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reality, it only exists in our head. So a faulse memory is a reality, maybe it isnt the reality that actually exists to everyone else, but it is a real reality to us for we experineced it. but a dream and a faulse memory are actually quite different. Dreams are in existence in real time, faulse memories are in extense in memory only and not in real time. although both are as equally real in reality and equally fake

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No, reality is what we try to percieve while we are awake. Dreams are not a reality, it’s only your perception without reality to ground it down. So false memories, like dreams, are not based on reality as much as when we are awake, and thus could be considered ‘not reality’.

no reality happens to us all the time, if we are awake or not, because what is real? i dare u to answer that, are you going to tell me dreams are not real? then what are we actually doihng while we are having them, maybe getting up and having areal drink while our mind is lost in some fake world that doesnt really exist…but to us at that point it is real it is reality, anything that we experience is our minds is reality, so if a crazy person sees a gaint pink ellephant then to them it is real, so what if to the rest of us it isnt, it makes ppl react, makes them feel and that is the only real thing. feelings. a faulse memory if it invokes feeling is real, memory is real, faulse or not because it makes us react ina certain way.

have you heard of quantum physics? look it up and take a bit of a read might make things a bit more clear

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I don’t get why quantum physics is always dragged into these debates. “Telekinesis is impossible? Well, read some quantum physics, point zero energy or something… like in Halflife2, with that gravgun.” Oh yeah, beautiful science.

My viewpoint: Dreams are reality. False memories are reality. But that does not mean their content is real as well.

Dream time and waking life time are two different things.In theory you can have 100000 yrs long dreams and yes,even without false memories or flash backs or whatever.I doubt you`d wake up sane after such experience but still- time here and there is not same thing.Its only same word but our concept of time does not fit to world of dreams.
In general there are two kinds/ways of such long dreams- ones that leave the dreamer with no doubts it all happened step by step,day by day and ones that we can compare to what we experience when watching 2 hrs long movie that is about someones whole life,i.e.
This is when false memories come to play- after awaking we automatically fill up the gaps like we would do telling about the movie seen.Thats schematics of mind- it tends to do so,it likes linear stories because they are understood.
For example you dream about being on the tree (gap) and then about being a squirrel.You say i was on the tree and i became a squirrell even though there was no actuall morphing into it and who knows what happened in between, you can as well dont remember it.
Theory is …umm…difficult:)

Theoretically, yes. I’ve seen some ideas floating around about “zero time” which is really the idea that the brain can “stop time” using a certain brainwave pattern. The basic idea is that the brain can produce an almost infinite amount of thoughts in virtually no time at all. So you could live for thousands of years in a dream, but only a fraction of a second would pass in real time.

But the interesting question is this: If you lived FOREVER in a dream, would you eventually forget your real self?

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It is indeed a interesting question,
im very new to this, so you could always ignore my little voice if you want to :wink:.

How long does a LD actually take in IRL-time?
I mean, i you DREAM for 5 minutes in IRL-time, thats it, then you wake up. But it is just a matter of the time in the DREAM? I mean, i have read a little of this and that. And some of you could have a LD when you thought it had gone several hours? Was it any different from just LD for some minutes? My point is that, even if it FEELS like 2 hours it has just passed 5 minutes in real life.

Does it even matter? Oh man, to many questions, and I don’t really know… Gets me confused :sad:

So, lets think that you can live forever in a dream, and you forgot your real self…then the time IRL wuoldn’t pass!!!
So you’d be stopping time IRL too…

Man, i can’t even get lucid and i’m alredy trying to spend my life in a dream xD

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Trust me , you don’t want spend your life in a dream.