Is it possible to LD in every dream?

I’ve had 55 LD’s :smile: , but that was over the course of almost 10 years :sad: . Not a very good average. Lately I’m lucky if I lucid dream a few times per year.

I was just wondering if anyone on this site has become so proficient at lucid dreaming that he or she can’t help but LD in every dream? I would imagine that it is possible to reach a point where you recognize when you are dreaming all the time out of shear repetition.

Wyvern and I, I believe. (I’d prefer not to actually speak for him, but I think this is the case)

In my case, it’s been lucidity since birth. However, I don’t know many mechanics about lucid dreaming, as it’s always been natural and consistent. Though recently that has changed. I can’t say I’ve been lucid every single night of my life, but it’s been lucidity more than I’d rather bother to count.

I know there has in the past been a couple posts I’ve seen where people have asked how to stop lucid dreaming, because it was happening solidly for them every night, and it was preventing them from having any normal dreams.

Throughout my life, I’ve developed a way to suppress my consciousness to the point that the dream can still take the wheel. But the recognition that I’m dreaming is almost always there. However, sometimes rather than recognizing it’s a dream, I recognize it as another reality/dimension.

So I’d lean towards the answer being yes, to some degree.

It’s certainly possible, I lucid dream a lot, more than I want to. My first lucid dream occurred when I was in kindergarten, so I was never accustomed to things like asking questions and questioning reality, that is something I have come across talking to a friend.

To me lucidity is more common than non-lucid, though that could simply be me not remembering the non-lucid ones. Much like Lumessence said; I have learnt to suppress the conscious mind so that when lucid I’m not influencing the dream and it can play out as it other wise would and sometimes lose lucidity.

The thing is I am so used to feeling lucidity, that retrospectively it’s hard to explain to someone how I know I was lucid. it’s kind of like trying to explain to a person who is born deaf, how we can pick out a single voice in a noisy room.

So while I am lucid a lot, I would certainly not be surprised by any one saying they are lucid 100% of the time.

Eogillig & Lumessence – You both sound like natural LD ers. I have to say, that is amazing. I can’t begin to fathom what it would be like to naturally be lucid since a very young age.

I’m a natural as well but to a lesser extent. Most of my dreams are non lucid, my recall is rather good and I used to have at about one LD each few weeks since I was a kid before learning about how to improve these rates.

When you are natural you expect LDing to be natural as well, and it was rather hard to me to learn that most people actually never had (or remember having) any LDs.

When something is natural to you it’s a so special topic to go talking a lot, but on the other hand, it’s weird to be an exception.

When people that never had any ask me how to have them it’s very hard to explain it as well. There’s a subtle/sublime (couldn’t find a better word) feeling when you are fully lucid that is not around when you have FLDs. This actually makes me sad to think that several people could be having FLDs and counting them as full LDs. But if that is enough for them I shouldn’t worry about.

I don’t think every dream is possible, but it’s certainly possible to LD most nights. I’m like a lot of others in this thread- LDing is natural to me, and even being lucid during nightmares. I don’t recall ever having a normal dream - I started LDing when I was about 4, which was when my main DC Luci appeared and taught me how to warp sizes.

No :smile: You can not sustain high levels of attention stability and vividness for an indefinite time . It’s only natural to be drowsy sometimes.

Now, is it possible to lucid dream in most dreams ? Yes :smile:

How ? Idk :happy:

What if that “drowsy” time is simply during our dreamless periods of sleep? To be clear, I’m not stating “all of NREM”, as we do have NREM dreams, but there are times during NREM that are considered dreamless.

This isn’t meant to say your conclusion is wrong, as I can’t claim to know! I’m just noting that your logic is missing something. :smile: