Is it possible to meet other dreamers?

So I’ve read dreaming is somehow interconnected with Astral Projection, like some kind of obfuscated version of AP. I’ve never consciously entered AP, so I wouldn’t know. But if that’s correct, it might be possible to meet other dreamers in there. I’ve had dreams where I connected with dream characters and focused on them much more than normal. Is there any chance Shared Dreaming is real?

I’m only going to offer this probably-idiotic answer as none have offered their’s.

You will find people who fully believe and people who fully disbelieve, both will try to tell you they’re obviously right. You should search the forum for “shared dreams”, I’m sure it has been discussed to exhaustion here before.

But if you believe it’s possible through astral projection, it’s a very small step to believe it also is in dreams (or lucid dreams at least).

i for one comepletely believe its possible… i mean… ive read tons of peoples stories and stuff… No physical evidence but their stories are pretty convinsing

The Big Shared Dreaming Topic - Part III in beyond dreaming forum and there are probably more topics in there.

I’ll lock this now and let you read and post in beyond about it :happy: