Is it possible to stop with astral projection?

Hello Dreamers,

I have a question.
Does anyone know or it is possible to stop with astral projection if you have trained on it or do you get uncontrollably out of body experiences after training on astral projection?


It’s possible, but the way I did it might be different than the way you did it.

Thanks for tour answer!
Did you have get multiple OBEs or did you have got one time a OBE?

I had multiple OBEs, and the best way I can describe stopping is that I just naturally became more grounded. If you can find it, I recommend gray hematite, which is sort of gemstone that is mostly iron. It works like a charm, probably because it is usually made into one, and because it’s usually heavier than its size I think it works to suggest to the subconscious to stay on the ground (in the body.)