Is it possible to...

Find someone and make them lucid?


if you think it is it is worth trying. find someone in real life who enjoys dreaming and make a pact with them to try and tell each other each time you dream about each other.

I don’t think thats what I meant.

I met someone at a summer camp who I cannot get in contact with and I was thinking maybe I could look for her in the dream world and force her to become lucid and talk/interact with her there. She wouldn’t know I was trying to do this though.


i know how that is too.

well you know what, try it either way. I do it sometimes. I found an old friend and told him where I lived, for some reason.

Of course, will he come look for me? that would be crazy, I should have just told him my phone number, or asked him for his… OR… just said “i insist that we meet in waking reality within the next month” becuase I think you can definitely have your dreams link paths with each other that way.

this guy in my tai chi class, we used to ALWAYS run into each other randomly on campus all over the place… and one night i set an intent to ask him about something in the “astral” plane… I had a lucid dream where we were at this place and talked a bit about dreaming. well, sure enough, i ran into him in a similar location, and he mentioned TO ME independently of our conversation topic, that he was interested in lucid dreaming.

so i of course told him of the experience (i think? if not i told him later) and taught him the nose plug reality check.

so i really think so. but i’m not sure if it is direct, absolute entry into their dreams, or more if it just kind of gradually relays information to them.

the only really remarkable one i did, was I went to sleep using Namo Amitabha Buddha as a mantra, and I felt that I was entering into my tai chi teacher, just by simply thinking about it, it was so intense and ucontrollable

i was going into his body, and then i stepped out of it and into a dream, he was right in front of me and real surprised, and the DREAM was foreign to me, like, now how my dreams would look, and the energy was real strong and different

this was 100% unintentional, but…

what I think was, was that I was dreaming through my third eye. so i would recommend trying to activate the third eye, become nestled into it and only it in the dream state, and allow yourself to let go completely…

maybe then you can choose to make “soul” contact with a person. to me though it was complete surrender and then i just was carried to him by momentum of considering him just ever so briefly… so it’s hard to give advice.

i think it is possible though.

give it a try. have pure intentions though. if you want to have sex with her or something (no accusing, i’m very guilty of this) then it’s likely that your intents will keep you from truely meeting her, or will repel her away.

it’s best to just want to meet and talk and hang out in the dream.

there may be karmic implications to this too… some people would not want their dreams to be intruded. i would like to think that the dream world works things out like that automatically by shielding you away though.

i dunno.

but i do try it :smile: maybe i should and maybe i shouldn’t.

Wow, thanks for that.

And no, I don’t want to have sex with her. I just have strong feelings for her and I like her a lot and want to hang out with her and it would be cool to hang out in the dream world.

I appreciate the long reply. But a lot of that stuff seems really complicated. I have no idea about the third eye and all that stuff and I don’t know how to meditate so…

that’s okay.

i mean there are a lot of methods, it’s just that the chakras have become a universal staple in meditatoin in order to manfiest different metaphysical results, emotional states, spiritual states, etc.

you just need the intention to go into her dreams… and you can do it. if it will work i dunno.

you can walk through a wall, see her reflection in a mirror…

go to a house outside and say “this is her house and she is in it” and go in… imagine that she is lying on your bed dreaming the same dream as you

and that right there is a real big “key” to me, if i dream i am in the same bed with someone, or they are in the same room or house or hotel as me, it generally means we are mutually dreaming about each other. i suppose if they are lying next to me, vs in another bed, or in another room, denotes how close their dream is to mine, or how close THEY are to me at the time.

and i’ll tell you if you don’t reach her you can still learn.

i found my friends at disney land and it was my friend and his girlfriend.

we went on the haunted house right, but halfway through it BROKE down and we got off and left.

they BROKE UP very shortly after.

If it is possible to enter someone else’s dream, it’s possible to cause them to become lucid. No one’s ever given conclusive evidence that shared dreams are possible, though. That would basically be evidence of telepathy. You’re welcome to try, but bear in mind that all scientific evidence points towards DCs being nothing more than…well, figments of your imagination, for lack of a better term. Very realistic figments. :happy:

So if i somehow manage to find her and hang out with her, it might not even be her, just me thinking its her… Interesting.

Also, what made me ask was the thread in Beyond dreaming by bendrummin he says that as a host he can make the people lucid to come to his sea party or whatever…

Bendrummin’s Sea Party is more an experiment than anything else IMO. Good luck on your attempt. Too bad that you cannot get in contact with your friend IRL. :sad: It would have been much easier.

Am I the only one who does not consider a sexual intention impure? The way i see it, it’s only impure if you think it is. that is to say it will only hold you back if you think it will.

Well it wasn’t my intention in the first place, so thats beside the point.