is it wise to listen to music during the night?

well since many of you know, music can do a lot for you during the night like calm you down, help with WILDs and induce lucid dreams. however, whenever i play music during the night i experience extreme migranes in the morning and i’m really wondering if i should try it again, although i dont think so :confused:

One of my old friends used to claim he could go lucid just by listening to any progressive rock band but then listening to progressive rock is enough to put anyone into a sleeping state… :wink:

I don’t ahve any problems with head aches when I listen to music while I’m sleeping. What music do you listen to? Are you using headphones? :music: If so, what kind(earbuds ect.)? Do you sleep on your side?

when i listen to music at night i have no dream recall at all and it is a little frusterating and i use the headphones that wrap around your ears

whenever i play music while sleeping it is always incorporated into my dream in some way. i’ve had dreams where there was a radio playing the songs that were on the CD i was currently listening too. i even once had a dream where i heard gunshots in the dream, but i could tell in the dream that the shots were in the pattern of the drums of the songs played. :cool_laugh:

interestingly enough, its only with like punk rock or just rock in general. calm music doesn’t give me them so…and plus it goes for everything, discman, stereo etc

yeah i listen to punk rock when i go to bed as well. im sure a lot of people would think that it would be hard to fall asleep to, but it isn’t really i don’t think. i forget it’s playing and lose consciousness after about the third and fourth song. but almost always here it in my dream in some way.

i think i’m going to listen to some pink floyd or dream theatre. each are pretty good soft songs and dream theatre is a good progressive rock band. its just with punk rock my brain gets messed up for some reason. does anyone have any other good songs to listen to during the night?

I listen to Late Night Tip by Three Six Mafia when I goto bed. Had my first LD yesterday :smile:

i always go to sleep w/ the radio on, i use the sleep function on my alarm/radio it goes off in an hour

About 9 years ago when I was a teenager, I used to frequently go to sleep listening to Ozzy Osbourne’s Bark At the Moon album.


i love to listen to radiohead; they are one of my favorite bands. definately give you some good vibes.