is it worth it??

so i have a question and i only trust my second family to help me out :tongue:

so my stepmom’s mom is old and needs help i guess,shes blind and like 70 i guess. so i have to say grocery shop,clean,etc for about 8$ an hour about three times a week for about 3-5 hours is this going to be worth it?

other than that i can get a job at petco but even less hours but for 9$ an hour,i kno right that’d be great if i had more hours

or—i could work at jamba juice for 6$ an hour 2 days a week

soooo please help idk which 1 to choose and i need money bad, thx guy’s/girls :grin:

follow your love, joy, and bliss
and you will be where you seek to be,

don’t limit your possibilities.

thx, i think this helps…alot