is LD'ing like errrm sterograms for example

i know a few people and they were like me i was always having hardly any dream recall and LDs were non existant and then i suddenly got my technique perfect when i wasnt even trying hard, and here i am 2 recalls a night and about an LD a week. have any of you heard of steregram? you look at them at every angle possible and you just cant get them, and then , one day you jsut staring and . SNAP. you suddenly get it perfect and can from then on. well what im basicly asking is is LD;ing like that?

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That sounds like a good comparison. You don’t think the picture really exists until you see it for yourself. (my aunt still has trouble with stereograms) I doubt it’s too much of a SNAP, you probably won’t have one every night, but you’ll believe in them and will most likely make them occur more often. Good ideas there, Newb! :thumbs:

Well i slightly disagree. When you once learn how to see a stereogram, you can see it everytime you want to. While, LD is a bit of random experience, yes it is easier to have it once you had the first “feeling” of it, but that doesnt mean neccesarily that your skills will increase a lot.
As for me, i had about 15 lds and not a single one for like a month or two. Maybe I’m losing the touch :cry:

well sometime you forget how to vire a stereogram for a minute or two

Hmmm… never happened to me :eh:

Nevermind, what i mean is that you dont just forget or know how to LD. Thats the difference I think, you can never be absolutly sure you will have one no matter how good you are… you can only increase or decrase your possibilities of having one.
Well I’ve been off for I while …i see you had some more :wink: great job, 10 in august, i had just like 3 or 4 - sry 4 ot.

i get your point anyway this is old but true :smile: