Is lucid dreaming 100% safe

I want to try lucid dreaming but im scared i will go into a coma is this possible.

It’s just as dangerous as a normal dream. A lucid dream is just a dream after all… :smile:

Lucid dreaming is perfectly safe. It’s only knowing that you’re dreaming and being able to control your dream, and nobody I know has had problems with it involving comas. Don’t be scared, it’s fun!

You need certain kinds of brain damage to go into coma. A dream can’t do that.

This may seem rude, but seriously, who thinks that? The answer is no.

haha good question and I’m glad that you’re so careful before trying it, but the answer is no. :smile:

Think of it this way: Lucid Dreaming IS just dreaming… but you are consciously aware of the fact you are dreaming. basically it is perfectly safe because you’re just dreaming but you’re very good at it. :wink:

Have fun mate :happy:

It sounds like you’re mystifying lucid dreaming much more than necessary.
Lucid dreams are just ordinary dreams where you happen to be aware that you’re dreaming, which of course will allow you to control aspects of the dream if you really want to.

Lucid dreaming isn’t some kind of strange New Age, it’s totally normal dreams where you’re extra aware. :tongue:

Na you’ll be fine :smile:

Short answer: No

Long answer: Obviously, No.

No, there is absolutely nothing you can do in a lucid dream that will damage your brain at all, especially to the point of inducing a coma. They’re perfectly natural, and are basically the same as any normal dream.

And moreover, waking up during a lucid dream has never been easier since you can (almost) do whatever you want, including an awakening.

You probably just watched Insidious, He hit his head then went t bed. Which can cause comas. but that was an OBE anyway.

Lucid dreaming is just as safe as normal dreaming.

^what they said^

Every activity has potential side-effects. Lucid dreaming is no exclusion. But it is much more safer hobby than bodybuilding, practical shooting or bicycle riding.

Yes, Lucid Dreaming is 100% safe.

I tried so hard to do a combo breaker and think of something even remotely unsafe about lucid dreaming, but I couldn’t, sorry.

Perhaps if you do too many WBTBs and can’t get back to sleep you’ll lose sleep, be tired in the morning, walk out onto a busy road and get hit by a car? I don’t know. I guess that falls under induction techniques as it’s not part of lucid dreaming itself…