Is my subconcious making fun of me?

so I had this dream last night and in part of it, i was watching a girl be interviewed on camera about lucid dreams, she started talking about how she had one and started to say what it was like. she started throwing her body all around, backwards fowards, i then found myself at a library. she threw herself backwards and stood up and said “wow this lucid dream is so realistic!” and continued to do the same thing. I followed her and walked by a bookshelf in the library. i picked up a book and read the title. I don’t remember it word for word but it said something about finding yourself in lucid dreams or y our conciousness. Is it possible my subconcious could be making fun of me for lucid dreaming? lol

oh, and i was not lucid.

It’s probably making fun of you for not becoming lucid with all those dreamsigns :tongue: , I mean the girl told you she was lucid dreaming and then the book told you as well.

haha your probably right! I couldn’t believe I didn’t become lucid after all that either. lately my focus hasn’t been on having lucids like it should. I’ve been getting preoccupied with stuff in my life like my wedding and stuff. Still no excuse to not question reality ! lol.

well such things happen :smile: just look in the missed dreamsigns thread ^^

PS: gratulations to your wedding!

That’s good it shows that your mind is considering lucidity! Your getting close :smile:


Things like that are not very uncommon. I haven’t followed the followed the What huge dreamsign have you missed lately thread much but I’m sure you’ll find similar stories there :smile: I have had many dreams about lucid dreams without being lucid like the one you just had.

I had a thought, i know it could be far fetched to assume this, but not to long ago, i started thinking about trying to find my dream guide when I have a lucid. Then when I have a lucid i get frustrated by the amount of dream characters around and i give up and trying to find them. Is it possible if the person who was being interviewed is my dream guide? I have been thinkin and wonderin if it is and she wanted me lucid.

i had something like that a couple days ago. I was in my classroom and my teacher ask the class who knows whats lucid dreaming is. I raised my hand and told her what it means after that the teacher sat in the desk in front of me and stared at me for like 5 min. I think she wanted to do a RC ha. But I didnt and didnt go lucid.

Lol. That happens to me all the time mate.