What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part VI

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Many dreamsigns!
I always think that the feeling of a dream itself is already really a dreamsign, there is a kind of fuzzyness involved… not sure what word to use. Just an odd feeling. Really ‘the dream feeling’. But I kept missing that this week (just started again this week)

Some dreamsigns I missed this night:
-I was living in my childhood house ‘again’, I cant even count anymore how many times I live in that house in my dreams :razz:

-My vegetarian nieces where making me rollmops (fish) this night and eating them also, and they where also baking them! I do not even like rollmops in reality. But in the dream it was known that I love rollmops and it was very friendly of them to come and bake :aww: them.

-I was ‘again’ late for my pseudo school, I do not go to school anymore in real life, but keep dreaming about being late for classes. In these dream moments time is also going back and forth and back again, very often. Which would be pretty unusual (difficult to arrive in just the right time then also!)

-There was a cool dreamimage of a woman that was me (I told myself she was) but she was changing colour it seems, and her hair changed as well. She was surrounded by colours as well. Very vibrant and lots of movement in colours. It was just one moment though but quite the normal stuff… :eh: :cookiemon:

I was in a ice cream shop (you know, those where you only buy handmade ice cream, it’s delicious ^^) and i saw the flavours were themed: one day there would be a clown theme and brightly coloured flavours, the other day it was Florence themed, and there were some local dishes in the boxes (including meat… bleah, ice meat cream), plus some hot dish.
The fact is, the theme days changed 4 times or so in a row, without me noticing 4 days had passed! I was weirded out, but decided to buy some kind of yogurt sandwich instaed of soing a RC T_T

I was in IRC and operated the channels I was in :ding:

I live in a two-story building - near the entrance there’s a common kitchen, and then the apartments begin: there’s a small turn right and a big corridor foward. It’s like a L.

So I dreamt I was at the common kitchen with a friend. I grabbed myself some candy lying around and started running (yeah, childish: “it’s mine, you can’t have it!”). When I left the kitchen, there was the turn right where apartments begin, and also a turn left, leading to more aparments. I went that way, and it was the same L shape, but inverted, and there was even a group of neighbours I didn’t know!

Maybe’s it hard to picture not knowing where I live, but figure there was a giant mirror, duplicating my building and turning the single L into a kind of edgy U.

So… Seeing your home ultimately distorted; getting to know a bunch of neighbours where there’s nothing IRL… Hmmm… I guess it’s a lost dreamsign :cool:

I had 7 fingers tonight when doing RC :grrr: Oh well, it has worked 20 out of 21 times, good enough :smile:

A male friend of mine was wearing make up, the only thing that came to my mind was that it was done well and better than mine. This happened twice, just different people… I’d be talking to them and thinking to myself “hey… that line is done pretty well :open_mouth: …” Haha.

Tonight I dreamt of being alone in a party, I wanted some company and then I thought “heck, this is a dream, I’ll just approach anyone and start a conversation”. Believe me or not, it wasn’t enought to get me truly lucid. :eh:

Last night John Cusack was my dad in a dream. O.o

Last night I dreamed there were 4 camera’s on my dogs’ head, and 1 camera was flying after him :cry:

That I missed that one… :confused:

i’ve been having the car from “Christen” you know from the Steven King novel/movie? only it travels time and wont drive anywhere and i THINK it “nice” :tongue:

that and another but it kinda personal… :sad:

I was playing WoW again (quited 4 months ago). Have been doing that in almost 10 dreams since i quited, trying to make it a dreamsign and i feel I’m getting closer.

a few nights back, I had a ND in which i saw my mirror image. I was very aware of that something was very off and wrong with my reflection, but I just didn’t have enough charged in my Lucid-bar to realize :cry: oh well, I go for WBTB + WILD anyways :content:

A big dream sign for me that I usually miss is when I’m in the house I used to live in a year ago. This comes in my dreams a lot because I’ve lived there my whole life, and have lots of memories in that old house.

well lets see i was driving a school bus away from the witchking and an army of orcs.

and i was taking bong tokes in a classroom with someone that left town years ago.

i feel like ill never lucid dream if i cant recognize these.

One night, when I was in too much of a stomach pain to WILD, I fell asleep grinding my teeth over the fact that something has always been getting in the way of my LD ing lately. And get this:

I dreamt I wanted to go to bed to have a LD :happy: but someone kept interrupting me. It was fustrating :content:

I SO suck at MILD. Memory is not my strong part :sad: WILD all the way :grin:

two huge dreamsigns i missed [in ONE night :cry:]:

  • my crush followed me home, went into my house, played Brawl, and ate something orange/red that looked like meat. :rc:

  • my mom walked in on me showering–three times [the curtain was gone :thud:].

Woke up and started writing down the dream i had in my DJ…but i was still dreaming.
Maybe i should do a RC everytime before i use my DJ.

I had a 12 dollar bill.

My ceiling fan was a water tap, controlled by the switch :ding:

Whenever I wanted to write something down there would be glowing florescent text that would show up on my right arm. Also in another dream I got turned into a bear by being tapped on the chest.