What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IV

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I had a dream a few nights ago where I was in a Chinese restaurant. I saw the hours they were open and I checked my watch. It was my old analog watch instead of the new digital one I started wearing. And I only looked at it once. D=

And people I’ve seen/know IRL keep appearing in my dreams, too. Especially from school. . .

The first thing was that I was in the map gm_construct in GMOD. The next thing was that there was an air show there, and a WWII era fighter took off, did a sharp turn towards me, but just missed and hit my friend, taking off his arm with the propeller. On top of that my friend and all the people were like “It’s going to be fine, just get him a towel.”

I had a dream last night of a game I play a lot (Call of Duty 2) and it was just a fight. I was the German :razz:

Going from night to day in one second. That’s the sort of thing that should be a dead giveaway.

Being able to breathe underwater… :wam:

flying…I escaped from the DC’s by flying away and didn’t think for once that it’s a dream :eh:

I had another dream that I was in a supermarket AGAIN. D= And I don’t even go grocery shopping with my mom anymore.

And a part of my dream mentioned lucid dreaming. I was reading something and it said WILD, MILD, and OBE.

I was made of pixel things, and i ran from a spaceship to my house.

I dreamed I was with people from my old school and one of them invited me and other people to a party at his house. I didn’t hang out with the guy really and plus they were from my old school!

Couple of nights ago I dreamed that my old schoolmate was running on water. I was like: “Whoaaa, how can she?!”

I have to learn that if I see a famous person I am probably dreaming.

Last night during a dream i kept reversing mistakes i had made by pressing some sort of “Back” button in my mind similar to the one in Net browsers, every time i clicked it i flew instantaneously to where i had made the mistake and rectified it (in this case making wrong turns or leaving a spot too early)

I amazed my fear of heights didn’t kick in when i flew over a large tropical waterfall.

I keep having dreams about my old school. I walk around the halls or am in a class. It’s so annoying because I can’t do an RC since I don’t go there anymore. I do miss that school, though.

A huge ocean wave my family and I sailed into and over. Hard to describe the awesome force of this thing. The one after it was even bigger.

A little whil ago i had a dream where my friend was on a broomstick and he tried to fly away but he hit a hill and blew up :eek: suddenly he hoped back on the broom looking perfect and flew away :confused: (by the way later this dream would become a lucid one because i find out i can fly!)

After someone jumped off a bridge with a kidnapped kid, I found the kid unharmed in a large bird cage (the rounded top kind) next to the man’s body.
I should have recognized the change, and also the nonsense surrounding what I was seeing.

Oh well, perhaps next time.

Heh, i have had a few. I will start by saying that all my friends know that i have an amazingly open mind so if i saw some of these things in real life it would take me at least a second to think about it.

1.Breathing underwater (I have this happen ALOT)
2. living in prior houses.
3. going to prior schools.
4. walking through walls.
5. having my entire life as i know it crumble (happens alot, i will start by missing one late assignment in a class and then watch my life spiral into a dark abyss)
6. Having a girlfriend when i don’t have and girlfriend and visa-versa
7. being yelled at by people i don’t even know.
8. jumping off large buildings and surviving.
9. Dying
10. Flying
11. Crying (Just kidding i just felt that since it rhymed…)
11 (for real). being able to walk on water
12. driving my Oldsmobile cutlass at 210 MPH (the thing only says up to 120)
13. picking up things that weigh over 10 tons (houses, trucks, snowmobiles, and my teacher JK…)
thats all i can remember right now.

Ok, I’ve missed a number of dream signs before, but this one is the absolute worst. I had a dream that I was watching downloaded episodes of a TV show on my PC, and the one I was watching finished. Just as I finished that one, the download for the next one finished. It was sitting right on my desktop where I’d told it to download, but it had a strange file name. It was sleep-32.wmv, which was not anything like the name of the show. I thought the file name was strange, but I ignored it and watched the video.

After I woke up, I was just like, “No… freaking… way…”

Last night I was intent on getting a lucid dream.
In the dream a girl told me that “this is a dream, I (you) can do whatever I (you) want”.
I left it at that and didn’t gain lucidity.

Tonight I am going to for sure though.

Let’s talk about something huge as a dream sign :

I dreamt that I have traveled in the past, indeed it was 2002 and I could tell my parents who won the World Cup 2006 (soccer)!!!