What huge dreamsign have you missed lately? Part III

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-I put my ring in my pocket, but since I wasn’t wearing pants, I put in the pocket in the skin of my leg.
-I kept trying to beat my dream journal and kept losing. A few times it was a clock and I’d always be late, once it was a girl and she beat me in a foot race, and another time it was itself, a book, and I still somehow lost!
-My girlfriend’s cat could type, and the words made sense!

I was killed by green living humanoid thingy, but I somehow got alive. Later I have drown, but I came on dry land, and forgot that I was dead O.o

Argh. I REPEATEDLY… REPEATEDLY have dreams about being in school… But I’m on holidays and have been for nearly 2 weeks.

:lol: I had that problem all summer! I haven’t had any school dreams since school started though. :tongue:

It’s amazing how that happens, Ysim. But I guess that’s the way it goes, you think about it more on holidays than you do at school.

cracks fingers

My leg was bitten by a gigant graschopper, that was a figure before. I was entering at Mount Everest with a talking deer with red spots on his body. He also was wearing a red t-shirt with white spots. Evil guy stolen stuff from shop, I was owning . Later, he has taken away my body, and everyone else, so people had olny their black contours. But I started a rebelion, and I got my body back :nuu: . I dont recall when I missed such DS. :devil:

today I wanted to fly off on a giant spoon, and I met someone called Wyvron… I even thinked how is that name simmilar to Wyvren form LD4all… And I was living in DreamWorld…

I had to go to a “lucid dreaming shop” to dry my hair before school. :eh:

I had a giant hole in my chest and I could see my heart… NOT BEAT!!!

I was counting in my dream, “1, I’m dreaming… 2, I’m dreaming, etc…” up until 100. And I passed out inside my dream before I got to 100 to do a RC. ><

i fell off a skateboard after doing a really impressive run of tricks but the thing is i fell over and it never hurt… by the way the dreamsign i missed was i can’t even skate :wink:

Hehe… But it all seems to make sense at the time, somehow. :tongue:

I dreamt that there were a lot of animals around the house, including a koala, which was chasing a mouse. His head was way to thin. I wondered whether it was supposed to be, because I had seen them differently. But I thought, “whatever”, and just accepted it… :roll:

Check my Dream Journal and you’ll see massive amounts of them XD.
Main ones:
-Night turning to day instantly, and the reverse
-Change of scenery instantly
-Change of activity instantly
-Things becoming other things! (I say this because they were nothing real to begin with XD They just change to something else that isnt real.)
-Riding a motor cycle at 220 MPH and bouncing on the road but somehow not crashing XD
-A fireplace existing in my house… My house doesnt have a fireplace.

I dreamt I was in the practice for the cavaliears basketball team as a bench player. :wallhit:

Yeah, that’s been happening to me too. Last night I dreamt that we were getting ready for finals. I think there was some part of me that said “Really already, so soon?”

The real dream sign I missed was that we were in a classroom and the content of the board could scroll using a switch next to me. I was thinking at first, “Wait a second, it’s a physical whiteboard, it can’t scroll,” but then I “remembered” that if you draw too close to the bottom a scrollbar will come up and you can keep going like in a text box.

Oh well.

ill have dreams where in them im saying wow i cant wait until i have another lucid dream. I wake up pretty mad.

Today I got two pretty obvious dreamsigns in one dream and of course I missed them both :smile:

The first one was seeing a man being crushed by huge bus, driving with high speed. After the bus stopped and fell on its side, the man crawled from the wreckage, stood up and just whisked away the dust from his clothes. I just thought “oh well, good for him”, and walked away. :eek:
The next one was even better. I was standing by the wall when someone shouted at me and shoot his gun. Before the bullet hit me, I intentionally dodged it by moving my head and crouching - a bit like Neo in Matrix. Of course, it seemed totally normal for me :tongue:

80% of my dreams I fly… I don’t know why this isn’t a dream sign for me…
But really, all of my dreams there are something that isn’t normal… but the biggest thing I miss is the flying, i must make that as a RC ^^

K recently… I was asleep and I knew it! I thought I was in SP though. Mm. Running on roofs that had floating stairs and floating doors. Giant hermit crab on my wall turning into Giant cockroaches which then invaded!!! Mass murderer chopping my dream wifes head off. (Funny thing is in the same dream I became lucid by flying out a wall. Wierd what does and doesnt set your mind off)

Just had the strangest dream I thought would fit here.

I got in a fist fight with two women who took the number off my bank card and said they were going to take all my money.

Reason this would be a missed dream sign for me is I have never been in any kind of fight ever.

I had the most Weird dream

Santa was baking cookies and i was hitting him with a ruler… o.0