What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IIX

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I was in someones backyard, at least it looked like one, and one moment I see a dog, it was German Shepherd with muzzle on his mouth and I asked owner why does he have it. I don’t remember answer and I don’t remember how owner looked like or who he was. BUT the next thing I see is this exact dog standing on two legs with t-shirt on and sunglasses on his face talking to me… :cry:

My wife was asking me what I was writing in my DJ v.v

I was in my room in our old house and chatting/talking with my friends there… :neutral: :angry:

In last night’s dream I was writing in my DJ, and a huge black spider with green eyes that talked in a British accent ran me out of my house. :eek:

I gave my brother (which I don’t trust in driving) to drive my Renault Megane II - am I nuts!? I would never do that!
If that’s not enough, I let him go off road and try to cut the road through big rocks (doh). :woo:
I had a split second there, when the engine died on him, that I told myself “this can’t be happening” but it didn’t do much. Its like something I would have said if it was a real-life situation :ding:


I had a very similar dream. I was in some kind of a desert and I was with my friends. I gave a car keys to a friend that didn’t have drivers licence but he was actually at school for getting one. And I was in car with him and 2 more friends and the road had many curves and we were behind others and my friend get angry and took a shortcut… But he had to go against dunes and when we cleared that area we ended up on in front of a cliff, it was like 200 meters in front of us, and he was going straight into it… And I panicked and asked him what he was doing, he didn’t respond and we were closer and closer to the cliff and I started to telling myself: this is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream and at the collision I woke up…

Too low lucidity level I understand…
Next time use it for your own good… grow wings and fly from the cliff :smile:

I had only one LD where I had wings, I usually just fly, or to say by willpower… But those wings were awesome!

Well then… here is a small task:
Try to transform yourself to an eagle or other bird-like creature in a dream.
Ways to do it:

  1. Direct transformation (Ultra high control level)
  2. In-direct - you enter an incubator which transforms you to the bird (Med-High control level)
  3. In-direct - ask your dream guide to do it for you (Medium)

In my very first LD after joining this forum I was a chicken! At first it was odd because my point of view was very low, and I was chased by soldier with spear and shield… After some chasing it hit me, and I looked at my hands which were wings! :grin:

Last night for the first time, I saw my totem! A miniature hourglas. It was in a bag of junk that I was going through in my dream. I saw it but did not check it! I would have been lucid if I had :sad:

Being a superhero and absorbing other heroes abilities, didnt do an RC anytime during that dream :grrr:

How could I have a moment of having to go look for Loki in his dreamrealm and not realise I was dreaming -.-

My elementary school was decorated in the style of Christmas :neutral: - And some older people dressed as Santa… Everything was crystal clear and life-like AndOdd! %}

Fighting with T-Rex with machine guns and OH i can see my hud and radar just like gta games when i die i simply respawned
Dinosaurs are my HUGE Dreamsign

I wanted to photograph an aquarium where all the fish swam upside down (1), then I looked through the viewfinder and I saw all kind of trippy things (2).

Instead of doing a RC I put the camera away and was pissed cause I couldn’t take a normal photo. :grin:

In a recent dream my brother told me that lucid dreaming could cause you to die (I was worried in the back of my head that lucid dreaming might not be healthy) I was so stupid, shoulda did a reality check there. And my dream was so vivid it wasn’t even funny:D

Did a RC because everything looked so realistic. It failed and I failed to recognize the oddity of the dream in general: My neighbour ran around in boxer shorts, I put my skiing clothes on and drove a car. :dingy:
This night my brain seemed to be fit enough to do some correct math. Okay, let’s say it’s fine that I visit my old school with a couple of friends and that I have to take part in a random class…But this building wasn’t even my old school and my “friends” were complete strangers!!!

Yesterday night, it was terrible… A friend of mine and me were jumping around huge mushrooms with weapons we could change, GTA style. Damn.

Last night, there were a lot… Really oddly laid out shops in the mall (and the mall layout itself), no cashiers at said shops (but instead merchandise from their stores laid out to say “Please do not touch”… in French), someone firing a shotgun in such a way that the cartridges didn’t allow any air into the gun while they were being ejected, creating a vacuum which magically propelled the gun forward at high speed, music magically playing from nowhere when I was singing it… This is all only from the single dream that I remember (need to work on my DR).

The worst part is that I questioned two of them and came up with “rational” explanations. The music I called a coincidence (even though there was nowhere for it to be playing from), and since SVP (s’il vous plait or please) was written CVP, I decided that it must obviously be able to be spelled in two different ways. Funny that I missed the shotgun one but thought the spelling mistake to be weird XD