What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IX

This is Part IX of the “What huge dreamsign have you missed lately?” topic.

The ability to read other peoples minds. (Telepathy)

There was a TARDIS. A DANG TARDIS!! :grrr:



Ahaha, I dream as a DO all the time, so it’s normal! :grrr: But I don’t normal dream in black and white… 0.o Only once when I was little.

I was tossing a huge package of coffee through my room. Was about three times the size they’re normally. I don’t even drink coffee. Dreams, y u no logical? :grin:

Haha, :happy: Y U NO BE LOGICAL! :happy:

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In the dream I had last night, I was crawling through a door. Why?
Because the door was about a foot and a half tall. facepalm
I have to work on this.

I’ve been watching “Inception” in a dream. And discussing dreams with a friend while watching the movie. A damn obvious DS, yet no LD.

I miss so many, it isn’t even funny.
Two nights ago, I had to crawl through a door because it was about a foot tall. This morning, I had a false awakening where the playroom in our house had sand all over it.
bangs head against wall

I had a dream in which i spent the whole time looking for a good spot to go to sleep and have a lucid dream… :angry:


I had earphones in and was listening to ISO-tones when I fell asleep.
In the dream I could hear the sounds very clearly and told my mother that these sounds were ones I sometimes used to get lucid, I then continued to watch a flying saucer hover past… :cry:

I can’t believe I missed this one:

Me and a bunch of people were looking at a giant sign that said “DREAM REALITY” and I commented to people how that would be such a great reality check in dream reality, but that this was definitely waking reality. Then the words changed and everyone started laughing because that made it even more dream-like.


Last night in a normal dream i drove past my aunts house and there were officious looking Asian military people sitting on her porch playing cribbage… I just waved

A few nights ago I dreamed that Tim Post himself tried to teach me how to become aware. :lol:

Picture this:
I’m walking on a path with thick forest on both sides; it look a lot like this.
At the end of that path there is a stream, with a very small wooden bridge leading over it, and on the other side of that stream there is a clearing rising slightly upward, with the forest surrounding it.
As I stand on that plank bridge I hear someone whistling to me, as if he’s trying to get my attention.
I look to the left, then to the right, and there’s Tim Post giving me advice.
Then I’m back on the path again and make it to the stream once more, and now I hear the whistle again, and this time I look to the right - and once again Tim Post appears from that direction, and gives me some more advice on how to become aware.

I’m not sure if this can count as a “dreamsign”, but perhaps it can.

Johnny Depp was in my dream, sitting at the top of a water slide doing litteraly nothing. I can’t believe I missed that one xD

I had just woken up, and I felt like getting out of bed. I usually just role out in a kind of jump and don’t look if there is anything in the way, cause there isn’t anything.
So i roled out, straight into a swimmingpool, and just got mad because my phone and mp3 player were soaked…

I had a dream where to send a text message on a phone you had to arrange the message with bricks and take a photo with your phone and send it to the person. If that wasn’t enough, I couldn’t find any "i"s. I said out loud "How are there no "i"s, every brick should make an “i”
I never found one.

just last night I had a FA (the one time I forgot to do a RC :meh:), and my friend and I were talking about what sort of LDs we had the night before. And when I “woke up,” he was in my bed for some reason. And yet he lives 200+ miles away from me.

I’ve had a few dreams recently where I’ve seen character from Red vs Blue, and never thought to RC. I have been watching it recently though.

I looked in the backyard and saw a tyrannosaurus fighting with a triceratops. “Is that weird?” I asked myself. “Oh that’s right, they figured out how to clone them.” Shortly after, the tyrannosaurus was sleeping in the kitchen. My response - “Who let him in the kitchen?!? He’s going to wreck everything when he wakes up!”

I was an immortal. I couldn’t die and put myself in front of the elven security detail assigned to me as enemies were about to break down the door, telling the elves not to worry, I’ll be fine.

Apparently my mind had no problems accepting that elves existed, or that I was immortal :neutral:

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