What huge dreamsign have you missed lately? Part III

A guy I know from the Internet comes to my house.

The thing is, he doesn’t know my address and lives quite far from here.

Plus, the house is decorated with stuff I know my dad would never have bought.

I dreamt that Lars Von Trier (a Danish film director) kidnapped my grandmother. He wanted to make her star in a movie about a guy who kidnaps old people. I tried to stop him, but he had helicopters and ninjas =(

It all took place in the basement of my old school which had merged with a train station and a gold mine =S

I merged this from “Whoops, i missed my dreamsign” with the What huge dreamsign have you missed lately part III" because they seem to be the same topic.

I know this has probably happened to everyone of you.
In you dream there was something absolutly astonishing, baffling or simply unnatural and still you shrugged it off as “normal” or real.
The next day when you are awake, you are thinking:
“What was i thinking, how could i have missed that?”

I find these things always highly entertaining, also some of the really weird dreamsigns that i got ^^

So please post you best “encounters” that didn´t make you lucid, or ones aswell that did induce a DILD.

For me for example “A Giant milkshake with Legs and Arms ripping out trees and destroying the neighborhood” made me guess i was dreaming.

While “A truck with a tornado generator on its back, displaying a giant “Pepsi” logo in the sky” was completly normal ^^;

What are your best?

I was arguing with an Uncle that in RL I’m very shy and quiet with. At some point i recognised the situation as unreal and started to enjoy shouting sarcastic comments at him. But I never considered it might be a dream.

There was an entire squad of unrealistically beautiful cheerleaders that I ignored. They were just kind of standing in the middle of the whole thing doing nothing. There was like an old airplane hanger nearby and a shed and all dirt roads. I was on a quest for moogle dolls (like final fantasy moogles. 4 inches tall or so… inanimate), which was given to me by a mysterious girl. She had really white teeth. When I found enough of the dolls around the place I observed that they were indestructible and so, naturally, I made the best toothbrush ever from some of their threads.


I was thinking “this must be a dream” and RCd , i think i didnt even come to RCing, i just concluded

“this LD stuff mess with me brain !”

A piece of papper in my wallet that said… “Is this a dream?”

The pavement turned into an ocean… right in front of me… :eh:

My Sister’s dog morphed into a intelligent talking giant worm and back :smile: there was a guy in a janitor’s uniform explaining how normal and great this giant worm shape is. and i believe the worm was eating itself lol. just a thing from everyday life aye?

My RL friend, incredibly intelligent, was happy to get zombie tattoos all over his body, and stick a license plate into the back of his neck…

I missed a dreamsign some days ago when I said to girl on the bus while being buc naked: “you know, it could be that im dreaming, because I have no clothes on…”

I couldn’t turn on the light…


I keep missing the Shcool dreamsign, I’m on school vacations but almsot every day I’m having dreams about school and I’m missing it… And the bathroom dreamsign too, there are always ugly bathrooms in my dreams.

I keep missing that one too.
Talking animals, other planets, pools I dont own anymore.

I’m so disappointed ! This night I kept dreaming about RCs that did work - and still no way to get lucid !!! :cry:

I was sitting in the grass at night, looking at the stars above ; the stars were orange and swirling very rapidly around the sky, which was very disturbing. I asked my friend, “Why are the stars moving so fast ?”. He answered : “Because they are not real stars, you see. This is a dream, so they’re not moving right”. “Ah”, I said. And then, satisfied with the explanation :bored: :eh: I went on with the ND… without any second of lucidity :cry:

Much later in the dream or in another, I was walking down a street ; feeling a bit of a chill, I put on my fingerless gloves, but then I feel something unconfortable. I look down on my hands, and see I had put two fingers in one hole ; I move the glove, but I’m still unconfortable. I look better and realize I have six fingers : no way to fit them in a glove with five holes :tongue: . Then I think : “Reality check. I have six fingers, so that’s a dream”. But still… it triggers no lucidity, the ND goes on :cry: I didn’t miss the RC (RC works => dream), but I missed its consequence (RC works => dream => YEAH !!!)… :bored:

And almost all of my DSs were there and I missed them (lights not working ? I think it’s because the building is old - Lost in corridors ? Totally normal at my university)…
Trying to LD is sometimes soooo disappointing ! :shy: I hope this will help you to know you have to do the complete reasoning, not to fail next time you do a RC… anyway, writing this is a bit relieving :wink:

Bye !

I tried to make myself wake up and still didn’t ‘get’ that I was dreaming. Gah it was so confusing, not having a lucid dream even while knowing that I need to snap out of whatever I’m in.

Bah, I’ve been dreaming about about a girl I had a crush on many aeons ago.
Constantly she tries to make contact with me again (I quite abrubtly shut off all communications years ago).

Ugh, I’m not sure if I should interpret it literal, symbolic or just disregard the whole charade.

Last night I was talking about dreams for about 20 minutes without noticing I was in one. Gah >_<

lol :razz: