What huge dreamsign have you missed lately? Part III

The best one of them all

I dreamt that in tibia had guido (admin) killed me so i lost 4 lvl.s

I was like

“If this only was a dream, but BAH, It cant be :sad:

After some time i woke up :rofl:

One DS for me is strange or unusual animals.

In dream I am with two other people by the ocean. We watch the water rise higher and higher. I say I don’t feel like surfing :cool_laugh: We walk on and find 3 drowned “New Jersey” porcupines.
Later we use their skins to make clothes and we all wear them. :happy:

last night I saw a like 4 year old kid break dancing …like with amazing skills breakdancing…and only when his mom commanded him…who was a crachwhore

I Missed The Biggest Ds! the grandfather of lucid dreams himself, Stephen Laberge, was in my dream. btw i know what he looks like cuz i seen his pic on google.

I was at work in a dream a couple of nights ago (I work at a hamburger restaurant), but for some reason I was working at McDonald’s (which is weird since I don’t work at McDonalds :wink:)

I was on a roof top patio. Hanging down from the sky was a rope.

I told my parents, you can’t have a rope just hanging from the sky :cool_laugh:

They said why don’t you climb it?

I said I will tomorrow morning. :confused:

I was in a room,and a friend gave me a christmas card.Later i looked at it again,and there were no letters!!!
And so i fall down and started to search in the floor for the letters,because i thought,if they are not in the card,its simply because they naturally fall down :eek:

:nuu: You came work to competition, shame on you.

@Geotrismegistos :rofl:

:uh: I looked at my hands, and they were normal… but they shouldn’t be like that, I did hand method before sleeping , I should got lucid >_< I also looked at myself in dream, using a mirror and trought “It’s not true I’m older in dreams…” (I had a dream where I was old)

Yeah :sad:

I always have these weird dreams about work when I’ve worked the night shift, but I almost never seem to realize it’s a dream :meh:

In my most recent dream in my DJ, I asked a man if he was blind, because he looked like it. “No, I’m deaf” he said…

:ack: :ack: :ack:

I had a FA today and looked at three different alarm clocks (I don’t even have three alarm clocks…). Each of them showed a different time. Also, one of them showed a negative time. :eh:
I just got really angry at those malfunctioning alarm clocks and decided to go “back to sleep”.

Later, I wanted to connect a CD player to my Ipod (don’t ask…) and could not find the right cable in a huge pile of cables and adaptors. Also, there were jacks that I have never seen in my life. I tried really hard but did not get the simple idea that I was dreaming. :tongue:

Haha, sounds like something I’d dream of. xD

Oh let’s see… I have some crazy dreams. :razz:

  1. Having a vacuum thrown at me by my dad, because he couldn’t turn it off… I looked at the handle, and didn’t understand the text on any of the buttons. ^^;
  2. Meeting a lot of celebrities at some sort of convention…
  3. Going outside with a T-shirt and shorts on, even though it’s been around twenty degreees out lately.
  4. My dog getting a job as a surgeon. :lol:

I think that just about covers it. :wink:

Some days ago in my dream, I was standing outside a church - looking up on the spear, the top… And I said to myself, “If this was a dream I could just fly up there”, then I jumped up and everything felt like it was reality, jumped 30cm up and down again…

argh! :wink: :ack: :ack: :ack: Later in the dream I suddently had a skateboard, since I don’t own a skateboard I became lucid phew :wink:

I had some dreams about Harry Potter ^^;

heheh dooh :smile: sometimes even when I fly I forget that it’s a dream :wink:

Last night, I could alter history in any way I wanted. I’d say that’s a pretty big dream sign. :tongue:


I was at my uncles (ds in itself, that house was NOT one of his).

Back there i sat on a pc, allright.

BUT, i was afraid of getting caught by the police trough IP CHECKING because he was making (FM) COCAIN out of FISH !


And it were completely normal :help:

I’ve had my share of weird dreams, but I don’t really see them as dream signs because I usually enjoy the randomness in my NDs. A couple of days ago though, I missed again te falling teeth dreamsign. The pain and the visuals were so real the possibility of a dream didn’t come even close to me.

:lol: Wow, I’ve never had any dreams like that.

Sounds like a fun dream :smile:

I hate those dreams. At least i don’t have them very often.

My missed dreamsign today was seeing my Nan’s cat in Brighton (about 30 miles from home) and not thinking it strange.

-Telling myself to stay asleep
-Finding hidden civilizations
-Things turning into video games that I’m in