What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part VII

I was in school again in a dream last night…and found out that my notebook was so full that i couldn’t find a single blank page to take notes on. I thought that it was exactly like in those dreams where i go back to school and don’t have a notebook. :dingy:

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I was in a building, listening to some political speeches, then went through a door where some friends hung out and then walked upstairs (above street level) to a friends appartement went through a door with him and stepped into my car…

Why do a RC? It´s completely normal to have an appartement in an government building from where you can step into your car which must be 10 metres down… :tongue:

I saw a girl from my school twice in the same dream so i texted her and said hey why have i seen you around? And she said well im getting really into spiritual journeys (this makes no sense i know). I said well im into lucid dreaming u should try it someday… Then later i was skating home and a dog at a non existing bus topdown my street started yelling at me like he was about to jump me and it kind of turned into a nighhtmare

I had a quick nap today and I missed two dreamsigns.

I was dreaming an ex roomate of mine was visiting me in my apartment. We were in my room and I was showing him my university notes. Everytime I looked at my notes, all the words would change from theory to jokes to nonsensical prose. In a way, I was constantly doing RCs with the text without realizing it was a dream! I would just accomodate my oral explanation of the notes to whatever the notes decided to show!

I can’t believe it :tongue:

Hehehe… time for a new definition of “huge” dreamsign.

I was swimming around in the ocean, not breathing, eyes not stinging, no fear of sharks, and the water was crystal clear. Two men in a boat told me that I was dreaming, and pointed to all the weirdness. They even illustrated how I was controlling the surroundings. I didn’t believe them.


I dreamed the entire top of my head was bald, with only a little wing of hair near the front. Although I missed an opportunity to get lucid, I’m very thankful it was just a dreamsign! What is it about those kinds of signs (for me it’s things like going bald, losing teeth, and seeing tornadoes) that invoke such a realistic fear that it’s hard to even question that it’s a dream?

I dreamt that I was driving in my dad’s car (with him in the passenger seat). I almost rammed two pedestrians and a bus. The dream sign I missed: I don’t have a license, so there’s no way that would happen.

I can’t remember exactly what happened, but the gist of it is:
I was walking out of the room where my two friends were spending the night thinking, “They can clone themselves, so why can’t I?!? If this were a dream, I could definitely clone myself!” So I proceeded to stretch-step out of myself, creating a clone, and getting on with my business.

Last night, I died in my dream…a couple of times in a row! For some reason atomic bombs were exploding near me, but each time I got vaporized by them, I simply ‘re-spawned’ together with everyone else around me a couple of seconds later. Totally not impressed by the dying part, lol.

After about 3 times I started to wonder about how it could be possible that when my whole body vaporized that I could still think for exactly 5 seconds with my brains totally gone. I wondered whether that meant that we have a soul or that we experience our own thoughts with a 5 second delay compared to seeing with our eyes.

Strangely enough I didn’t wonder how the hell I could be dying and re-spawning a couple of times in a row. I guess I forgot to add dying to my list obvious dream signs. :tongue:

Very interesting dream though…I had never died before. :lol:

Few days ago I dreamed that my friend and I were waiting for a train. Firstly, I got (how do I say it in english) ‘stabbed’ on a drug needle, which is my childhood phobia. Then, we were waiting for the train and a bus came on the train stop, which is totally unlogical. Then, it took us to some place I have not seen before, some wide place, it seemed like I see the place from mid-air. After that I got a scene transition to a classroom. From the needle story, I got inspiration for writing. The teacher (that teached me in like 3. grade of elementary school) told me that I should make a movie script out of the essay (or smthng) I wrote. Then, a tall, bearded man with a darkened face came and told me some things (it felt like when I have bad grades and my mom is telling me a lesson) and I just told him: “I don’t care, I’m going to America to make movies” and I walked off. Then I woke up.

So many HUGE and obvious dream signs in this dream, and I’m still not able to get lucid. Fail.

Yesterday’s dream:
I was looking for a perfume that could make me lucid at night among lots of others. I knew it was written on it, but I thought: “I’m dreaming, that’s normal I can’t read, writings are always changing!”.
I was really mad at me when I woke up :content:

The last big dreamsign that I missed was a few nights ago.
I dreamt I was in a big city, was left somewhere by my friends and had to go back to my hotel but didn’t know how to, because I had no clue about the streets and didn’t even remember the name of the hotel. So no one was able to help me, not even a nice old lady in a shop or a taxi driver.
Being lost or not being able to reach the place I want to reach is a typical theme of many of my dreams.

Someone paddling a canoe in 24 knots :razz: :dingy:

Last night during my dream, the front of my car was broken. The “front of my car” as in the entire hood, engine, windshield, dashboard, and so on. To replace the front, I pulled off the rivets that held it to my car using… one hand and a little bottle-cap-opener type tool. I have no idea where my mind gets these ideas from…

Just look at my dream journal…I miss atleast 1000 dream signs every night :content:

a very often dream sign, is me being around friggin Campervans, they come UP EVERYWHERE in my dreams lol. :dragon:

A recent one of mine is people from my past appearing as dream figures in a university setting.

Talking to vampire. :sad:

I get this too, i see many old school friends I havn’t seen in over 3 years

I dreamt I was on LD4all looking through the different threads, but the layout was all messed up. There were avatars all around saying “DO A RC” but nooooo…

being in hand to hand combat (its how i got my first ld.) my punches were moving very slowly and not in only a few directions, plus heavy hands… damn