What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IV

:confused: Had a dream a couple days ago where I was being chased by a bunch of guys in cars and i had to run away from them on foot. I was jumping clear over the cars and dodging them in ways that I’m sure I could not do IRL. Then I started getting chased by this weird creature that looked just like a horse, but instead of having a neck and head, it only had to long skinny arms holding bats and swinging them around like a “whack-a-mole” game. :woah:

My dreams have always had many dreamsigns, ANY dreamsign, but a few nights ago, I dreamt that I was ON ld4all. As if that isn’t enough for a dreamsign.

I’m not sure what kind of a dreamsign this could be, because it’s a little complicated. but I should have realized I was dreaming.
My friend and I were reading a paper and when trying to find an article again it was gone. And searched for it alot, I finally said, that usually when this kind of thing happens, it’s a dream. I tried to RC by reading in the paper. At that moment I feel myself lying on my back in my bed, I saw the room. But I think it was a FA. I come back into the dream and my friend said to me, “you we’re right!”… So I knew it had been a dream, but still, I failed to realize I was dreaming, after the time I actually had realized it. If that makes sense.

Humm…I went on a train to sky island… that was a huge dream sign i missed.

A couple of nights ago, i was offered a ride around school corridors on an elephant.

starflightdream, that is one of my dreamsigns too!

Last week I had a hilariously boring dream where I was browsing another forum I frequent. Someone had posted a topic about a weird dream he had, but I skipped over it and started reading another topic instead. How’d I miss that one?

There were giant birds in one of my NDs, one ate sakoda…

Bill O’rieley was my housekeeper. :help:

I found Dr Pepper hats in a sunken ship and the hats weren’t soaked!

I haven’t posted in this topic in a while. I guess it’s because I’ve been catching all my dream signs.
Well, I was bond to miss one sooner or later.

Last night I had a dream TRJR was trying to contact me and get me lucid. Then I heard the voice of my SG saying, “So damn stubborn.”
Yeah, I guess so. :tongue:

Oh well. That won’t be happening again anytime soon.

Okay i just missed the most OBVIOUS dream sign EVER.
A DC came up to me and went: “you know this is a dream, right?”
me: “dont be ridiculous, this cannot POSSIBLY be a dream, i can assure you.”
:ding: :dingding: :cry:

I came into my room, it was dark, so I wanted to switch on the light - which did not work!

Then I spent the rest of the dream changing the lightbulbs… :grrr:

… while wondering what the odds are, that all 3 lightbulbs burn out at once… :grrr:

… and without paying any attention to the fact that it was light as day so I could change the lightbulbs easily - while it had bee dark as night a moment ago… :grrr:

And I did not even for one second think, that I could be dreaming!! :cry:

It seems like dream signs are things you watch for to realize you are in a dream, however it’s often these very things which I enjoy the most about dreaming.

Kayaking up a set of rapids, against the current.

Last night one of my friends was in my dream and he was wearing an LD t-shirt. On the top portion it says www.ld4all.com and it had the logo on the bottom part. I was wondering where he got it from.

I was butt-naked (once again) and didint care to do a reality check because people were staring at me and it was the most embarrasing naked dream that i remember :rofl:, also a recurring DC that i know in real life was the one who caught me naked.

Malfunctioning equipment :cry:

Every dream I have is full of stuff not working correctly. Last night in my dream I was involved in numerous firefights and my freaking gun kept jamming…it should have been a pretty obvious sign :tongue:

Oh I have to go with that last one, guns often jam on me in dreams or require almost inhuman strength to fire. But I had a really obvious DS last night that I just can’t forgive myself for ignoring.

Sure I don’t LD hunt like I used to, if they happen they happen, but a talking whale… I mean Come on!

/me slaps self.

One of my non lucids from the other night had to take the cake on this situation

I am a passanger in my car, we are driving through a car park, and i watch as the road turns to water, you know that haze when its really hot and your driving at a distance, well it was that at first then it was rivers of water, then it was moving ocean of light colored water.

I looked at the car driving ontop of the water and said to my self

“hmmm that looks like water that i have seen in my dreams i better do a reality check” so as if that wasnt a DS enough i did a test, i looked at the clock and it changed as it should and i completly ignored it.

I even felt my behind voice say something along the lines of “you bloodly idiot!”

ah well cant win em all. I did go lucid in the dream later btw :wink: but only breifly i lost it

Isn’t it incredibly annoying when you’ve been trying to have a lucid dream for ages, and one day you wake up and realize that you missed an obvious dreamsign, or passed up an opportunity to become lucid? It’s happened to me a frustratingly large number of times. Please post about the times it has happened to you.

(Note: I saw this topic on another lucid dreaming forum and the replies were hilarious, so I thought I’d post it here on LD4all.)

I’ll start: Once in a dream I was in my house, except it was different, there was this huge, wide hallway at the back, and I was standing in it. I was thinking, “actually, my house is really pretty big, I wonder why I always think it’s small?” Then I had a vision of what my house really looks like, and I’m like “oh yeah, this isn’t what my house looks like in real life.” And I didn’t become lucid… :ack:

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At one point I was flying a remote control Cadillac around a grocery store with a laundry detergent scoop whilst trying to steal bottles of liquor from the liquor isle, and I said to myself;
“Wow. This dream sure is realistic.”
Didn’t become lucid. :lol: