What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IV

Since I am currently enrolled in school, weekends are usually the only time I can get in enough sleep for a decent WBTB. However, the computer, friends, and other things always end up sucking my time away from me, 'til I discover it’s 2 or 3 AM already, the time I planned to WBTB in the first place. I usually end up just wanting to go to sleep, so I don’t even bother trying other methods at such a late/early hour. I always get really mad at myself when I wake up in the morning. :ohno:

I’ve had too many lol…

*I became frustrated because I couldn’t type my e-mail password correctly, I looked down at the keyboard and the letters were all over the place. I just proceeded into typing my password with one finger as I spotted the letters.
*I was in class and there was a clock that covered most of the wall, and I didn’t bother looking at it once.
*I have a habit of freezing my dreams and rewinding them, I suppose this is some sort of lucidity, but I never realize it.

and other stuff like that.

I had a dream last night where I remember I just stopped in the middle of the road and Christopher Mast (youtuber that I’m subscribed to) was on his bicycle and we just talked for a bit. Should’ve done a RC

Low gravity, my biggest and most common dreamsign (I never have a dream without lower gravity) and yet I never recognize it anymore, it used to get me Lucid all the time, that and the dream-feel I have, my dreams feel kind of like I’m floating in a semi-thick soup, which is probably the cause of the low gravity too, but along with that I have bareley any feeling in my dreams, it’s an odd sensation “feeling” the dream when you have little feeling inside your dream.

But yeah, those were the two biggest things that used to get me lucid, and now… :dingding:

Some of my most recurring dreamsigns include the following:

  • day becoming night with no transition, or vice versa
  • trouble moving fluidly or speaking intelligently; if I do speak intelligently, DCs do not always understand me, or sometimes my voice never rises above a whisper
  • inability to see clearly or focus on something (now that I think about it, an interesting RC would be to check if I’m wearing my glasses)
  • odd thoughts that pop into my head with no provocation and that make no sense (oh wait, this happens in RL too… darn!)

This happened to me all the time before I finally figured it out.

You see, I really like looking at the Moon, and a lot of times in dreams I’ll look up at the moon and see that it’s either really huge or really small, or there’s more then one in several different colors, or that it’s just a picture of the Moon on a floating television screen. After about two dozen instances of not realizing that, it’s become the number-one thing I’ve used to become lucid.

Just last night I became lucid when I looked up at the moon and it turned into a skull.

Lat night i dreamt i could play the piano using telepathic powers (i was about 5m away from it and could still play using my mind) so i thought:
“Oh this is so cool, too bad this is a dream and i cant do it in real life”
aaaand… just went on with the dream, not even consedering doing a RC and actualy becoming lucid :ohno:

Yeah last night I dreamed that some guy I know added me on Live but when he sent me a message, his voice was really distorted and stuff. After that I tried to go to sleep and LD. My room was also completely different, It was similar to my friends room in his old house. The whole time I didn’t even bother to RC. I don’t remember what happened after that, but it didn’t turn into a LD.

Well I had a dream a while ago, I was in this city and I used Telikensis to throw everybody up against the buildings, like Peter Petrelli from Heroes. :mirror:
And I turned them all to ash and then all the buildings started to collapse, and then all the people I turned to ash started crawling out from under trees :astral: and then I blew them up.
So then I teleported to these ruins, there where a bunch of dead people :rip: everywhere, so I brought them back to life and once chopped off my arm.
And they ate it! :wolfbite: WTF? But I just grew a new one

That my soc teacher was wearing all orange clothes TT_TT

I have been reading furry web comics and they’ve been in my dreams in the past couple of days.

I was playing the piano with my mind, using telepathic powers and i thought:
“Hey, this is cool. I wish i could do this in real life as well”, and completely ignored the fact that i had just remarked that i was dreaming. Just went on with the dream naturaly :ohno:

this is like the 3rd time you’ve said that already

Celebrities as always. I think i’m one of the few people that dream often with Celebs.

i looked at the date on a coin and looked back at it and the date was diffrent… i did not think anything of it thought i had looked at it wrong

Well I miss this one all the time, my dog is in my dreams all the time the thing is she’s been dead for six months. I just get so happy when i see her i don’t really think about it you know its weird in one ND I even said she was dead but still didn’t click

Well, besides playing a France level on Splintercell? Oh well I have a lot.
-Like Grandma Chio from Naruto teaching me how to hunt.
-Or like Desmond from LOST in 2 different dreams.
-Maybe it is returning to my old school like the 50 different times in different dreams and not realizing it.
-Could be chasing Kate Austin (from LOST) through a grocery store… xD

Those are merely a few of my odd dreams and big dream signs that I never notice.

Lately i’ve been having these sexual dreams where i see naked women, or almost naked and because of the excitment, i cannot become lucid or by becoming aware of that dreamsign. Too hard… :cry:

I just had a dream last night where there was a shop and they were selling German helmets. Later everyone was wearing a German helmet and doing the Nazi salute while I was wearing an American helmet.

There is a new movie called, ‘The Nines’ which I would really like to see. Unfortunately it’s not coming to my local cinema but that’s besides the point.

So, I had a dream last night and despite any real evidence to support this idea, I thought that my dream was a trailer for ‘The Nines’. I had no idea it was a dream at all. Anyway, ‘The Nines’ appears to have a very surreal concept. There is a part of the trailer where it appears as though the lead character is able to make something happen by stepping over a line. This, apparently, has something to do with why my unconscious mind threw this dreamsign at me.
Despite believing it was a trailer, I was actually a part of it. It’s quite rare for me to have a first person dream but this one was. I was going to walk through a door when I read on the handle the word, “Lucid”. When I pushed the door open a bit, the bizzare laws of dream geometry meant that I could see a bit more of the same door handle. “Lucid Dream” it said. I just thought, “Ah, so ‘The Nines’ is about lucid dreaming; makes sense.”
“Lucid Dream” it said! Obvious dreamsign.

Good news is that it’s the first (as far as I remember) dreamsign I’ve had. It’s just a matter of programming myself to do the reality checks now.