What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part VI

I have the strangest dreams about my crush. In one, she moved into my house… :bored: In another dream we had sex, which was extremely vivid. But seriously!! :dingding:

Being onstage at Bonnaroo with a band playing to raise money for charity - and a homeless guy gave me a twenty.

A friend of mine who has no interest whatsoever in arts was shooting a video clip to apply to a summer school’s art camp. (Summer school applications are very important these days at my school, and I can see why I dreamt about summer schools.) And the background music was from a band I like a lot, and that he loathes.

And then in another dream from tonight I was walking hand in hand with a friend in somewhere like a corridor, and somebody I just know from someplace was using his water gun on us. I did not feel wet at all, nor was I irritated.

And again from tonight, I was at a photoshoot. In the photoshoot, we used a computer program that has nothing to do with photos (I’m not quite sure about the rules so I’d rather not tell the name, it’s not that important anyway).

I’ve reached my maximum amount of DR tonight, but unfortunately none of the dreams were lucid. And they all had those prominent signs…

I walked into an unknown bathroom and past my dream journal lying on the bench.

“oh look, its my dream journal”

I was in a pool underwater, hanging out with some friends. We were all walking around underwater as if we could breath under there and it was just like on land…
This one guy that we were with was able to punch really fast as if there was no water in the way to slow it down… :eh:

I was in somewhere like a restaurant with people who I know but (most of them) I am not close to, eating a chocolate birthday cake which had a message on it. The message was random letters as far as I remember, at least it wasn’t something like “Happy Birthday Puce!” or something (my name is not Puce, but some people call me that, although it is read differently). My birthday is in 5 months and I don’t usually like chocolate birthday cakes.

Not that huge of a dreamsign like doing things underwater normally, but still…

last night i had a dream that i was at my school playing beatles rockband with my entire school and there were no tv’s. Then i looked in a mirror and i couldnt see my reflection at all.

I was infiltrating a lab/base when I was killed by a guy. I said “I’ll restart the dream and then kill you!”


  • A person on some kind of tower yelled: “I am lucid!”

  • A 60 cm doll I own was stretching his arms. Instead of thinking: “I’m dreaming!”, I concluded that he must be alive :tongue:

lol, too bad :content:

I too missed a sign recently :confused: Me and my buddy were talking about lucidiness and I even believe(not sure though) that he said that he were lucid dreaming, but silly as I am, I never thought if I were dreaming.

-Being in school… on a saturday… :bored:
-Being chased by the police

Finding myself in camp a couple of days after it ended

Playing a video game I didnt have

Being in school on a sunday, and the schools hallways were rearanged

  • I was staying in China with someone I barely know, and a woman was frying egg rolls with her bare hands, reaching into the hot oil.

-I was carrying a puppy inside of a weird pod. When I opened it up it had turned into shredded meat (gross, I know). For some reason I couldn’t figure out if this meant that it was dead, because I felt like it was still organic life-stuff, so it should somehow be able to turn back into a puppy. This spurred a long thought process about what constitutes “alive”, until I decided that it would need internal organs in order to turn back into a puppy.

-had two separate dreams in which a vehicle that I was a passenger in careened off of a very tall bridge. Both times, I willed it so that the vehicles miraculously landed safely, yet in neither instance did I realize that I could do that because I was dreaming. Weird, eh? Control without lucidity?

I had a pet…

ant, wtf?? lol.

I was at dinner table and saw Cyclops (from X-men) sitting there too, he took off his glasses without shooting laser :ding:

Eh, I was being followed by a little cute pig on a bicycle with 3 wheels.

In my dream last night, a horse drawn carriage was supposed to pick me up, but instead a car showed up with two ponies in the backseat, because it was raining. I had a flash of deja vu and thought, “I’ve seen this somewhere before. Maybe in a dream? Yeah, this is definitely something that would happen in a dream. Maybe my dream predicted this moment in waking life!” And I kept walking without ever thinking that I was currently in a dream! :ack:

I was at school, in the holidays??

How about watching images from a site called lucid.gtrestd.org?
Or talking to the giant living statue of Neptune, that has with an hawk in his eye?
Or the good ol’ flying around, that never gets old :tongue:

I had the strangest dream last night but no LD! What happened in my dream is this-I had 6 fingers on each hand! :tongue: And the whole dream I was trying to get to a hospital so they can do surgery or something! I can’t beleive I didn’t become lucid! The dream was EXTREMELY vivid, I remember every detail perfectly, especially my hands, but did not turn lucid! Epic fail. It just shows you, I suppose how your SC throws a reality blanket over you!