What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part VI

Similar stuff happend to me…
A couple of years ago I had a strange dream and I told myself I should wake up, but I didn’t realize I was dreaming…

I have a lot of FA and still I don’t get it that I’m dreaming.

Uäääääää! I missed that a car became a bus, and I was in it :nuu:

Lately I’ve been doing RCs, watching them fail, and continueing on the dream :ack:

Once I dreamt I was pregnant (despite being a virgin and a teenager) and I thought “I wish this was a dream!”
I didn’t think to act it out…

being in my old school

One rather obvious dream sign that I missed lately was being a vampire in one of my dreams. It would be rather odd if I turned into a vampire in RL. :razz:

Me and Arnold schwarzenegger were having a gun battle =P

I normally don’t have huge dreamsigns that I notice and remember, but last night I had one that made me want to smack my head. I wanted to do the LD quest for this month, and in my dream on my a piece of paper my mother wrote were the words “amusement park”. :ack:

I was on the back of an open-topped tourbus and a DC was flying around and about it trying to get my attention. She was dressed in a big flowing gold-satin dress, her face painted gold and wearing red lipstick. The head-slapping thing about this one was that the whole dream itself seemed to be about waking me into lucidity and I still stayed on that bus.

I was in my old house…

being in a falling elevator into nothing and walking from it alive,
repeating near-identical scenes
dreams involving a certain person…

Triggering a chain reaction in a museum :cool:

Biggest fail dc-someone told me I was dreaming :wallhit:
however, I thought he was joking or something therefore didnt become lucid :wallhit:

I was a broccoli and was starving because I had no idea what broccolis eat … and eventually a large tree told me it was other broccolis. I was horrified, woke up, and promptly face-palmed myself because I just had a dream that I was a broccoli. Don’t know how I missed that.

Well…um… one is: I ALWAYS Jump out of my parents 3rd story window when ever I’m getting chased, OR I jump off of my balcony into my backyard(only one or two dreams), its a clear sign when I survive w/o any pain.
And then I had a bunch of dreams where i’m driving…My dad hasn’t even taught me how to drive yet.

I was in this elevator, and when the doors opened a guy killed me with a knife… Then, while still lying dead on the floor of the elevator, I was explaining all of this to my friend… :eh: It was really odd, cause I usually don’t die in my dreams… And if I do, I should realise that talking to friends is not a usual thing to do when you’ve just died… :content:

I kept on repeating all my obvious dream signs before gong to sleep last night and told myself to becomes lucid when I saw them. Almost all of them showed up in my dreams, none of them triggered anything!
Toilet in the middle of hallway (and using it of course), Driving and not being able to see well, performing in front of an audience (I never do that), My dad (who lives 7250 from me), My grandma who died, My 15 year old daughter being an infant, and several other ones. Someone get a dough roller!!! :cry: :confused:

Uäääää, I just say that, I got pwnt by a refridgerator and I cant figure out how I missed that DS!! :grrr: Im so mad right now

Last night me and my friend where eating at a really expensive and i kept thinking “hey, this is way too expensive for me, I shoulden´t be eating here”. But that wasn´t enough to get lucid :sad: