Is Old hag and Astral Projection related

Many times, while researching on paranormal phenoena, i wold always stumble onpun a Old hag article. And many times i read it, and i always read the almost same phrase in every Old Hag witnesess: " I felt like my soul/life/spirit/body were being sucked by the creature/vult/shadow etc"

Does anybody think that the old hag is somehow related to out of body phenomena???

I think that a long time ago someone made a hoax about this old hag. people thought about it and it got stuck to their heads. Now we say it’s normal.

Well not in all cases, but in this case, yes I think there are similiaries in that. People always try to interpret what was happening and SP can be a strange and terrifying thing to experience especially when you don’t know that what you are experiencing is a common case of SP. Sometimes they interpret it in order to make more sense like long time ago… when you have a cold, that means you are possessed by evil. Sometimes we need something to explain about what happened so I think that “Old Hag” is a way for them to explain why that happened.

Making senses?

I know of at least one author (Robert Bruce) who believes SP, and thus Old Hag experiences, is in fact an effect caused by OBE. He reasons SP is caused by the dissociation between the physical body and the mind. During SP the mind literally wakes up inside its dissociated, paralyzed physical body, while an OBE is still happening. Ofcourse this is only his opinion.
He also speaks about the Dweller on the Threshold, a harmless but often frightening manifestation, where a projector is confronted by a dark, threatening being immediately after exiting the physical body during an OBE. This entity is most likely part of the elementals or astral wildlife.

“Astral Wildlife” :confused:

He didnt meant like life in the astral world??? Did he???

I realy dont know what to think about the old hag phenomena, but i agree with Dm7’s idea. I think it makes sense…

Here are a few articles on SP and OBEs. … alysis_OBE

I get SP a lot and have never been able to have an OBE from it but I have gotten the vibrations after staying in it for a little. It’s too hard not to panic but at least I never see anything. I think it is the beginning of a projection but the environment is usually mental creations. This is because the astral environment can be shaped by emotions if they are not under control and these frightening experiences are created because of fear.

Yes, that’s what he’s talking about. This is his article on astral wildlife. … cles_1.htm

People on the forum (I know about Minako) say they had Old Hag Syndrome before they had read about it.
I think it’s just SP linked with a nightmare.

For many people SP causes heavy hallucinations.They can hear things and see things that shouldnt be there.Most logic theory explaining it is that while brain sends signals to the body to shut down all the systems,side effect of it is hallucinogenic.
“Normal” people usually “blackout” before they can feel SP.But working on lding or APing causes ppl to be more aware while they falling asleep and then they find SP- weird experience they called Old Hag syndrome.
So it is connected,but in my opinion its still just the side effect…and because its usually something new and quite powerfull i can see why many ppl call it this scary term:)