Is sex beneficial to LD'ing?

Title changed: was “Sex and LD’s”.

sry if this is considered “inapropriate” i dont find it that way every one does it so people need to stop being so quiet when it comes to this.Also sorry if this was posted before but you guys know me too lazy to look for stuff :razz:

ok now to my question is sex benificial to lucid dreaming because one of the books i have “lucid dreams in 30 days” (dont worry guys im not that desperate to think it would really work i just like books about the subject :razz:) two of the days listed are about having sex prior to sleep does anyone have any opinions or stories about this. (jack this is where you come in) :razz:

:edit: i dont think this is explicit and im really sorry if it is

Its probably so you can release stress or relax easier before sleep. Maybe your just getting your body used to the feeling, lol.

I heard men have better dream recall after sex, but I don’t know if it’s reliable or anything.

Too bad I can’t test this theorey for another month, since my boyfriend is away for the summer. I imagine though that it will make your body tired and fall asleep, while your mind is more alert.

What if sex proved to be detrimental towards lucid dreaming? I don’t know what I’d do!

If anyone feels like testing this out I would be more than happy to be a control with no sex. I’m already celibate so it wouldn’t be any kind of huge change.

Back to the topic. :tongue:

Some books say it’s beneficial, some others say it’s unfavourable so that I asked myself the question. I wrote down systematically in my DJ how many time before a LD I had sexual activity.

As for me, from these data (about 50 LD’s since I write it down) there is absolutely no statistical relation between sexual activity and having DILD’s or sexual activity and DILD’s duration.

Concerning WILD, some people have said they felt better relaxed before trying to WILD. Why not? Now I suppose this depends on the person and on the moment. And as I’m supposing they haven’t written their results down, it can just be a wrong impression.

Different things work for different people under different circumstances. The same will be true of sex.

Banana’s do nothing for me, but they do for others. Nothing is garunteed with what aids lucidity, it’s a personal thing.

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