IS she really my spirit guide?

In a dream, this girl (in the apperance of my worst enemy) said she was my spirit guide. thats wierd how i didnt become lucid. well is she really my spirit guide?

Well if she is she can make u lucid in your next ld
so in your next ld test her!
she could also be just an suggestion coming from your subconsciousness

Put some blackeyeliner n01 at her and see what will happen.


Hey Blackeye,

I think she’s not your SG because she was in the form of your worst enemy. I guess your worst enemy does certain bad thing to you, and you dream of that.
I even think it was a nightmare, because you realised that your enemy was your SG… thats BAD, really BAD.

So I think it was just a bad dream you had because your fight with her.


hehe i think so too

Not necessarily…

Who would know of your weakest points, your vulnerabilities. Your enemy… especially one created by your own sub-concious.

I see it as something you can learn from.

If things in dreams are really messages from your subconscious then I would not think she is your spirit giude…

Infact could I ask you a personal question? Has your enemy done something to you like betray you or pretend shes something or someone she’s not? Has she been false or even pretended to help you and then hurt you?

Coz this DC could just be ur mind’s version of her…trying to help you but since its HER she might not…

Ooh this post is actually a bit evil, I wouldn’t be scared of her, it’s only a dream remember! But don’t believe what she says straight away OK!

I think its real easy to interperate things as your spirit guide, however they said they were your spirit guide so thats pretty weird.

here’s some of my interpretations.

I was in a wrestling match in a dream last night, non lucid and got pile drived by i think was the undertaker, the canvass was a trampoline. I got knocked out and saw some pattern and something move in it. Then heard a woman’s voice saying look at the 2 bright neon lights in the corner of the room, so i did, they were walls lights and they began to look different, then i woke up.

Also theres the blue woman who was very hesitant with me having my way with her, that usually doesn’t happen but i wasn’t lucid so… haha.