Is the afterlife a lucid dream/fantasy?

Since happiness is subjective, is the afterlife like a dream. Do “sins” prevent us from creating our own fantasy worlds where we can live out our deepest desires and hobbies? I found videos about this topic. Which video do you think is most accurate?

Day and nighttime :wink:

Obviously, we can’t know since nobody came back from the dead.

I’m not a religious person, so I don’t associate this idea to anything, but I really like this theory.
There has been confirmation than sometimes, the brain can still function many minutes after death. Maybe this is a time where the brain makes us dreaming until it stops functionning, so maybe it creates a world of dreams. If a person feels good about herself, maybe it will create her paradise, and if it feels bad about herself, it will create her hell?
Also, since some dreams feels like hours when they are during mostly minutes, could the brain can overdrive to create a dream that stand for an eternity, and this is what most religion call “eternal life”?

Idk but I really like this idea.

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