Is the forum getting boring??

Is it just me, or is the forum getting umm a little repeditive. I don’t know, it all seemed new but like 2 weeks ago i couldn’t stand reading more posts cuz it was the same over and over. I got really hooked onto the Wizard’s method but it kinda faded out of the spotlight. Are we slowing our progress? Any comments are welcome

There are times it gets little boring because of no new posts or repetative questions but i think these are only moments.In general im allways keen to see what new around:)
I think its more of a personal think-after some time of being here day by day one need a short break.I for example stay away during weekends and when i come back on monday im excited and curious again.
take care

Sure, sometimes there are periods during which the only new posts are repedative questions that usually require a generic response that most of us have answered already a hundred times. But sometimes, every few weeks, an interesting (if not controversial) topic will ermerge and everyone will see a whole range of fascinating opinions and ideas put forth from every corner of the forum.

Just a matter of waiting for that to happen again.

Maybe you could use your ennui as inspiration to post a truly extraordinary, controversial and engrossing subject! :tongue:

Well the reason why the forum might be getting boring for Some ppl is because its S00oo big! There are so many threads. No one can read all of them. Some ppl are just too lazy to bother looking for a topic they like so then they become borred of the forum. Im a part of a different forum and there arent too many ppl in in there therefore not too many topics. In couple of minutes i can go through the whole forum not becomming bored. What i would suggest to this forum is to kinda limit the number of ppl that want to join. That way the threads can be controlled. Also, the Mods or pasQuale should delete all ppl with less than lets say 10 posts because
those ppl are just waisting space. If the mumber of ppl is controled, the topics wont go off the charts.

Well not EVERYONE with less than 10, cuz then some one could never get any post, they’d have to have not contributed in a while like a few months, and pasQuale/Mod would/should e-mail the person to make sure its all right, but i think thats what u ment anywayz :smile:

Im sorry Kat but i have to disagree with it Totally.
First of all-forum is divided into perfect subforums,very easy to see whats included in each.Secondly we have search button and also “follow this post” button and "email notification"button.Thats a lot.
Then-this is specific forum.If one feels bored browsing through messages it simply means for me that hes not interested enough.Most of ldsers are ppl with passion that makes them look at everything with word "dream"on it.Wheter its a chocolate brand or a book.
Limit ppl who want to join???Thats an absurd-this forum relies on fresh ideas,fresh news ,you never know whos gonna come up with some breakthrough or just smart thought.How to limit them anyways?
Delete members with less than 10 posts cuz they waste space?what space?I think its maybe some small percent-those are only names on memberlist.And also-by joining this forum you dont have to agree to post everyday.Some ppl just prefer to read and comment only when they feel like it-this site is for their information too.
I personally find your ideas as perfect killers to the whole idea.
Just an opinion tho,guess everyone has some view on it
Take care:)

Lol, I know what you are talking about.I am always like “oh, woah, something about dream… … … doh, again just some advert”

sorry for OT
To the topic, I like the forum the way it is.If you get bored, you just got to select the posts you read more carefully


Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t find it boring really, as much as annoying. Half the new posts here are things from begginers, which is quite fine, it’s only that all these questions are being asked at least once every two weeks. And their being asked from people who will quit the forum after a couple of days and we’ll never see them again. Still, I don’t know how we could stop that from happening. And limiting the population of the forum? What good’ll that possibly do? Lots of people have questions, and we shouldn’t feel like we could stop them from asking just because we’ve been here longer.Bla. :neutral:

I agree with you. It will be so unfair if we limiit the number of members, it’s like limiting the unknown.

We need to go beyond to oversee the unknown and if we limit the unknown, then… we can’t go beyond (sorry if I’m too symoblic, but I hope you can see the relationship between here with lucid dreaming or regular dreaming).

Do you know what I’m trying to say?

I totally disagree with you kat… That means only older members would be allowed to post, which would be just stupid…

whoa tottally missed that whole limiting thing, yeah, I as well disagree, just read the topics that itrest you, if you become bored read some that dont…definatly dont limit the members…

I don’t think we should limit the number of people, or stop new people from joining, because lets face it, we were all newbies once and the more people know about LDing the more popular it will become, and that’s a good thing :clown: I know when I just got here I asked a lot of stupid newbie questions because I had never heard of LDing before, we cant expect everyone to know everything. A lot of times newbies have questions that we’ve never heard of before and make the forum interesting!

PPl there is no solution for this , its just an extra you get with all the rest of the candy of this forum! (Candy as in goodstuff).
When you first learn about lucid dreams all info is new. Later you heared most, so what! And yes you are remembered by new menbers about questions you long past bye, so what :smile: thats how most of us came here!

And indeed, there is enough to read at this forum and think about :smile:
ppl who say the word boring or bored…are often boring ppl themselves lol.
I drink everyday a nice capuccinno…believe me it aint boring!
I eat every day (same routine) boring? nope!
Sex boring after so many years? Nope!
IF someone is interested nothing will look boring to him or her.
what do ppl expect…a new side and info about lucid dreaming every week till the day they die? :cool_laugh:
Enjoying something is not at all about that there is a new view to something, it is about you really like something and are interested in it, or aint!


I totally agree with you Jeff :content:

Yeah it is gettin kinda boaring. but what the hell. might as well go with it.