Is the second lucid harder?

I had my first really lucid dream about two weeks ago. I haven’t really been trying as hard, but every other day or so since I’ve tried the same method that triggered the initial one (WBTB; stay up about 30 min to read journal in between). I guess I was hoping the second would be easier as I have a clearer grasp on what to expect and a definite memory of lucidity to concentrate on while falling asleep, but I have hardly even remembered any dreams since the fisrt lucid. Any advice?

I think the second Ld should definatley be easier :smile: . You’ve now had your first and you have gained slight confidence. This confidence is key to you success. Stick with a method and try to perfect it. Look up all the info you can on your chosen method. Every time you wake up during the night, try to have an LD. Don’t get Lazy. Good Luck.

The same thing happened to me after my first LD. I know people throw this phrase around a lot, but it’s true: don’t want it too much. Practice your techniques as you have been doing and approach it as you would approach anything else you are trying to become skilled at. A few weeks after my first LD, I had my second, and they have been more frequent from that point.

I suggest, as yohanover said, don’t be lazy, and keep trying. Your belief that you can LD is key as well. Since you have already had one, you know that you can. Keep that in mind as you practice your techniques as well. Good Luck!

Hi, 5 days ago I had my 1st LD,
Then I really had more confidence, and knew peopel aren’t lying xD

Now this night, I got my 2nd.
It feeled like it was weaker but maybe that was because soem cows got slaught :sad:
Poor cows! Bad farmer! xD

I hope I get one tonight too, but of course I know it won’t happen every night :wink: :happy:

Yeah, I haven’t really been able to concentrate much on it, plus I just moved into a new place so that’s probably upset my sleep patterns or something. I’m about to change work schedules and I’ll have a hour and a half extra in the morning to sleep in, so here’s hoping that will give me an edge

Well, it can get harder when you start to loose the enthuasiasm for lucid dreams. I had them constantly my first two weeks, but after that it took me months to suceed again. -.-

I lost motivation for a few months as I got a new job and moved into a new apartment. Also had a short lived ‘relationship’, if you could call it that. The dust settled and I got back into LDs and it only took a few times to incubate a slightly lucid dream using WBTB method. A week later a had e third, far more lucid dream (thanks dream spinning! [dream spinning blushes and takes a bow]) I have a feeling if I put some effort into now it will soon become second nature. Its time I start singling out specific purposes for my dreams and bringing in some DCs . . .