Is there a chance of a WILD failing?

If you get really good at wilds is there a chance of failure? Like if you are really good at wilds and you have done them before, is there still a chance of it not working? Cuz i have watched a lot of lucid dreaming youtubers and they always say that they don’t have lucid dreams that often, so that left me wondering: Why do they not just do wilds all the time? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

The thing about WILD is that if you do it correctly, you’re pretty much guaranteed a lucid dream. If you follow all the steps all the way through while falling into REM sleep, you will get a LD. But doing those actual steps correctly is where the difficulty lies. It’s quite easy just to drift off to sleep without retaining your awareness. If you practice, you will get more consistent, but I wouldn’t say that doing WILDs all the time is a goal most successful lucid dreamers strive for.

I’d say that a lot of lucid dreamers simply prefer putting more effort into passive techniques, like making themselves reality check in a dream. That way they don’t have to actively try to WILD any time they want to LD. They can rely on the fact that they’re pretty sure they’re going to do a RC in a dream.

But anyway, technically, if you do get really good at WILD, the chance of failure goes down… but I wouldn’t say there’s no chance of failure. You may still black out if you’re especially tired. You may still try WILD at the wrong time and not immediately go into REM sleep. And anything might disturb you while you’re trying to WILD, whether it be a hypnic jerk or a loud noise in waking life, and cause you to fail.

Thank you so much for your answer! I didn’t realize that i could get an answer so quickly and i’m eternally thankful for your reply. I will try to practice wilds more cuz now i know if i get good at them i will have a lucid dream whenever i want to! Thanks again :3