Is there a way to make my dreams consistent like reality?

I am looking for a way to make my dreams consistent like reality, if I could do that I could become lucid far more often because I could recognize where I was and have all the same dream signs every dream. Any ideas?

If this is possible, I’ve never come across a way to do it, and to be honest would be astonished if there was one. Your dreams can incorporate elements from any of your memories of waking life, and I’m not sure there’s any way to make your waking life homogeneous enough for something like that. After all, your thoughts every day still change regardless of what happens, and you remember at least some of those thoughts.

Furthermore, I can’t see how this would be worth it to do even if it was possible. The variety in dreams seems like a huge part of what makes them precious to me. To give that up merely for the sake of reliable dream signs would be a hard sacrifice for me to understand even if it was somehow easy.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean. More vivid? More physical sensations?Also, the lack of consistency can be a lucidity cue.

I mean so that every dream occurs in the same universe. And I don’t want my position and what I am doing to juat suddenly shift. When I am going somewhere and then I am suddenly somewhere else it is very annoying. When I look at something look away and look back it changes. I don’t really like it that way.

I think the dream state is inherently unstable. You can explore yourself and do a lot of wonderful things, but I think the type of stability you’re talking about is not possible.

So the answer to this question is a much deeper one. I would suggest looking into Tibetan Dream Yoga. And also play with a few simple ideas in your head. Why do we dream? Why do the worlds seem different? Which one is really the dream? What is the barrier between worlds… really though…

*disclaimer – these questions can take you as far as you wanna go, or sometimes farther. Biting off more than one can chew is par for the course with philosophy.

Hum. Clue is to believe, like always. If you want it hard enough your mind will listen to you. Like you know dreams work with memory and imagination. If you have memories from reality - sensing, seeing, hearing, smelling real things - why would it be so hard for your head to recreate these sensations while you’re sleeping ? The whole point of the start of lucid dreaming is to figure out whether or not you’re dreaming. I guess it wouldn’t be so hard to accomplish if your dreams didn’t feel at least a bit real, would it ?
I think the thing is not to ask yourself “if” there’s a way at all, but "how"you can make that happen !
So, at this question i don’t have as much as an answer cos i’m just startin lucid dreaming, but i’m pretty sure that yes, there is a way of making dreams feel just like reality