Is there a way to stop dreaming?

As the title suggests im looking for techniques that restrict or abolish dreams altogether.
LD’s and non-LDs have come naturally to me over my lifetime and they still remain one of those things that make life enjoyable (nothing beats learning to fly at will). The issue being that my lifestyle changes every now and then due to psychological reasons (me crazy) and I find that dreaming, which for me is usually an intense process, really drains my energy: I wake up feeling physically and mentally drained.
I’m sure everyone feels like death when they wake up but I’ve been wondering lately if there is a link between my constant dreaming and my current state of mind, which is complete apathy leading to utter alienation.
Sorry for the tone of this post but I figure it’s something worth looking into.

You can’t stop dreaming (if you don’t ude drugs maby) everyone dreames every night but piople ofen forgets there dreams if they have not trained there minds too not.

You could set the intention to forget your dreams. Also you could take a more relaxed attitude when you become lucid and just follow the dream more.

Personally I would think that waking life is affecting your dreams rather than the other way around … so may be try some meditation techniques?

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You want the dreams to stop? Then ask them to keep coming and face them. Maybe whatever it is that you fear/hate about them can be changed if you change your attitude first.

I’m 100% with Moogle—you should try meditation.

Thanks for the welcome and replies.
It´s not that I don´t like/fear dreaming, in fact I adore it.
I have experienced easily over 100 LD´s without using any catalyst techniques (I don´t know any) and they have all been without a doubt the highlight of my life so far, I could ramble on about my experiences but I´ll leave that for other threads (flying, physical sensations and destroying ¨other people¨ are most memorable).
The trouble is that I really need to start focusing on my ¨real¨ life right now. Dreams are kind of overflowing into reality, I have been known to confuse dreams with memories…plus like I´ve stated previously it´s starting to drain me physically.

Meditation is not something I think that will come easily to me as I´m usually easily distracted but it´s worth checking out. Thanks again.

Maybe you should fix your sleep schedual. It sounds to me like you are either getting too much or too little sleep, I could understand why LD’s might lead to feeling mentally drained, with having to constantly remind yourself that you are dreaming.

But for NDs that shouldn’t happen. Too much sleep can make you feel exhausted just as getting little to no sleep can.

I know the feeling of being tired even if you got plenty of sleep, but as Dark said, normal dreams should mean you’re actually getting the most out of sleep. I guess you could just try to slip back into a normal dream if you ever become lucid.

You can’t get rid of dreaming, it’s a natural body function, just like farting. Your body needs to dream just as much as it needs food and water. Sleep is also the way your body rejuvinates and when you dream. Dreaming helps control the balance of your mind. You can’t stop dreaming, you just can’t. I wake up in the morning like a zombie, but that’s because I’m an insomniac. Just because you wake up feeling like death doesn’t mean it’s your dreams that are affecting you. I agree, maybe change your sleep schedual.

Advice accepted. My sleep patterns are fairly erratic and they do need to be changed but that’s easier said than done though huh?
Nevermind. The more LD’s the better I suppose.
I guess I should start reading up on them so I can get more out of 'em…

I wake up feeling great after a good ND/LD.
You can’t stop dreaming. Just stop remembering.

It is indeed easier said than done to adjust inadequate sleep patterns, but I’m pretty sure that that will solve your problem. Try to get enough sleep (8+ hours) every night, with about the same bedtime and wakeup call. Over time, it should help remarkably. It’s amazing what “upgrading” from 7 hours to 8.5 will do for you.

If you really don’t want to dream, just don’t sleep…

Sorry, had to say it. :wink:

Don’t even think about dreams. Pretty soon, you’ll notice that your dream recall will keep getting worse and worse (know from firsthand experience, sadly =/), eventually it will deteriorate so bad you might remember 1-2 dreams a month…happened to me, regrettably…

Odd topic, never heard of anyone wanting to STOP having dreams…

I just had to comment on this quote - Everyone gets distracted during meditation, so keep in mind that if you try it out and get distracted, you’re not alone - I have to remind myself of this every time I meditate. It just takes persistance. :yes: